MAFS viewers irritated with Lindy’s brother and Miguel’s sister

Lindy's brother on Married at First Sight
Lindy and Miguel were matched on Married at First Sight Season 15 in San Diego. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 15 has featured a new San Diego cast and their families. 

While viewers often find core cast members to be the problematic ones of the season, MAFS viewers have found themselves more frustrated with siblings of the San Diego cast.

MAFS fans have been rooting for Lindy and Miguel; however, their brother and sister, respectively, have not been well-received. 

Lindy’s brother’s continuous questioning of Miguel’s religious beliefs and investment in his sister’s sex life has rubbed viewers the wrong way. 

MAFS critics have also scrutinized Miguel’s sister for her interrogation of Lindy and her belief that their astrological signs could mean trouble for their marriage. 

Taking to Twitter, MAFS viewers shared their thoughts on the siblings. 

MAFS viewers slam Lindy’s brother

Lindy’s brother has had two uncomfortable encounters with Miguel as he questioned his faith and sex life. 

A MAFS viewer commented on Lindy’s brother’s behavior, writing, “How old is Lindy’s brother and is he married? He has a lot of nerve shading Miguel for being single at 35 and trying to regulate his sex life.” 

Tweets about MAFS siblings
Pic credit: @OpenedAcount/Twitter

Another critic wrote, “Lindy’s brother needs to unpack why he’s so invested in his SISTER’S sex life.” 

Tweets about MAFS siblings
Pic credit: @tyyabondatrack/Twitter

One viewer tweeted, “Can they please get Lindy’s Bible thumper brother off the screen? Lindy isn’t religious so why does he care if Miguel is? He wants him to bring her back into the cult fold? And why is he so into her sex life?” 

Miguel’s sister comes under fire by MAFS viewers 

On the recent episode of MAFS Season 15, Miguel’s sister suggested Lindy’s debt and astrological sign could cause issues, and viewers called her out for her approach with Lindy. 

A critic wrote, “I would’ve told Miguel’s sister to mind her f***ing business. If your brother didn’t ask me what I bring to the table, then I’m not answering it from you. It’s none of your business how much debt I have.” 

Tweets about MAFS siblings
Pic credit: @_ShelsBritt/Twitter

Another viewer tweeted, “Miguel’s sister is a piece of work. Lindy’s student loan debt is not a red flag. If she had excessive credit card debt and/or gambling debt, then there would be reason for concern.” 

Tweets about MAFS siblings
Pic credit: @OpenedAccount/Twitter

One viewer expressed, “Um…someone come and check Miguel’s sister! She literally did a complete 180 on Lindy and I’m not here for it at all!” 

MAFS viewers can’t decide which sibling they like the least 

A viewer tweeted, “Am I the only one who finds Miguel’s sister and Lindy’s brother annoying.” 

Another critic wrote, “Omg idk who I dislike more. Lindy’s brother or Miguel’s sister..throw all the siblings away chile.” 

Tweets about MAFS siblings
Pic credit: @Rho_Rho_84/Twitter

One Twitter user tweeted, “Lindy’s brother babbling about the Bible and now Miguel’s sister is rambling about zodiac signs.” 

Another MAFS viewer looked forward to scenes with Lindy and Miguel’s family, writing, “When Lindy and Miguel have a housewarming and her family shows up with holy water and bible verses and his family shows up with tarot cards and dressed in Dungeons and Dragons outfits, I want a front row seat because it’s going to be hilarious!!” 

Tweets about MAFS siblings
Pic credit: @EyeVibeHigher/Twitter

With the wedding behind them, time will tell how Lindy, Miguel, and their families collide. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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