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MAFS viewers furious with Myrla after finding out she broke up with Gil

MAFS fans were furious to find out the changed relationship status of Gil Cuero and Myrla Feria at the reunion. Pic credit: Lifetime

After all the nice words Myrla Feria had to say about Gil Cuero, the Married at First Sight reunion was rocked when it was unveiled that only a short 14 days after Decision Day, Myrla determined she didn’t want to be with her new husband anymore.

Citing financial instability and chemistry as the cause for splitting up their marriage, MAFS fans are choosing sides on the separation and most are furious with Myrla for breaking up with Gil.

Myrla Feria broke up with Gil Cuero two weeks after Decision Day

If there was a controversial match on Married at First Sight this season, it was Myrla and Gil.

MAFS fans had been hesitant with Myrla’s strong, tightly wound personality, but they finally cut her some slack after it seemed she would be able to look past her and Gil’s materialistic differences.

It’s clear some are upset they gave the leadership coach the chance as one critic tweeted, “So Myrla is exactly who we thought she was in the beginning.”

From day one of the experiment, it was no secret that Myrla and Gil had major differences when it came to their lifestyle choices.

Myrla worked hard and appreciated the finer things but for Gil, money wasn’t a motivator and he didn’t mind living a simpler life.

Complaining at every group event, Myrla also wasn’t a huge fan of large gatherings of people, and many fans, along with Gil, considered the MAFS bride a major “Debbie Downer.”

Married at First Sight viewers are furious with Myrla Feria

While some viewers could appreciate Myrla’s high standards and commitment to herself, even fans that have stood behind her all season are furious with the 35-year-old after the reunion.

“Not Myrla being the villain everyone said she was after I defended her all season,” one critic wrote.

Other fans have thrown around the thought that Myrla “could’ve been honest on decision day but she didn’t want to look bad.”

As of the MAFS reunion, the two Season 12 couples who decided to stay together on Decision Day, Gil and Myrla and Rachel and Jose, both announced their break-ups.

Do you think Myrla was honest with her feelings on Decision Day? Let us know in the comments.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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  1. Wow, Myrla was brutal. She hated her wedding, hated her wedding ring, and said Gil isn’t financially sound enough for her despite the fact he makes $100 more than her per week. It’s about material things and money with her. And even though they were already broken up she said ‘we went all out’ when Kevin commented on Gil’s expensive clothing. Why the heck did she want him dressed to the nines if she was no longer with him?

    • She really led him on. She made him believe she was really into him . She played him. I dont think she liked him calling her out on some of her ways so she waited to the end and stung him in revenge. I dont like her and now she is laughing with Johnny who is another jerk

  2. Initially, I didn’t like Myrla. I thought she was strangely cute and very materialistic, but eventually, she grew on me, because I thought she was trying, but it was all an act. She led him on. I watched Gil on decision day, I think he was battling to end it, but she beat him to it and said that she wanted to stay married the look on his face changed. It appeared that he had a chance and he became vulnerable expressing his true feeling. He opened up. Her action just didn’t feel real, but he fell for it. We all were bamboozled! I saw that she was faking at that moment. I hoped that I was wrong. Myrla is an awful materialistic person who can take care of herself but is not as well off as people think. What she did to Gil was foul.

    • Why are people knocking Myrla and Ryan because they did NOT fall in love with the spouses the”experts” chose for them. Does it really matter if she said no go on decision day or 2 weeks later the results were the same. All of it is purely dramatics, the suspense on decision will they or won’t they? To keep from disappointing the professionals they say yes, pop the champagne and see the divorce lawyer the next week. Get over it. This country has much bigger problems.

  3. Never was a big fan of Myrla – just too full of herself. Gil is waaaaay to good for her. Good riddance. Also, I think it’s time to send the “experts” to a class in “Matchmaking 101” or replace them. They’ve made a couple of bonehead picks the last few seasons which really was embarrassing & hurtful to the spouse involved.

    • I agree with what you said about the experts. They were wrong and it broke my heart to see how sad and broken Gil was. I am from a firefighter family and Gil has a huge heart. Myrla was obviously not honest with the experts and ended up matched with a man with high standards and a loving heart..
      And there on the reunion she is seen sitting next to “Her Boyfriend”, snuggled up so close, hands touching!!! I didn’t just fall off the turnip wagon!!! If Myrla and Johnny met up on some island and didn’t hookup and that was not planned……I will not buy that for a second. Its too obvious!!!
      There will be better days ahead for Gil. He deserves better. Better off without being with “Fake Myrla”. Gil, you dodged a bullit. We love you out here in TV land.


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