MAFS viewers don’t know who to believe after Michaela claimed she slept with Zack after Decision Day

Michaela in red
Michaela and Zack can’t seem to agree on what happened after Decision Day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Michaela and Zack’s relationship post-divorce appears to be as tumultuous as it was during their marriage. 

During the Married at First Sight Season 13 reunion, there was clearly a lot of tension between Michaela and Zack, especially when they had two different recollections about their intimacy after Decision Day. 

Now, MAFS fans are weighing in and trying to uncover who is telling the truth. With Michaela and Zack both having so many hang-ups and questionable patterns, MAFS viewers are torn on who to believe. 

Michaela Clark and Zack Freeman butt heads

A Married at First Sight fan account, Mafspoc, shared the footage of Michaela and Zack from the reunion with the estranged couple seeming to disagree with almost every word that came out of the other’s mouth. 

One of Michaela and Zack’s biggest disagreements was regarding their physical intimacy. 

Michaela claimed that she and Zack had slept together after Decision Day, as she cooked and cleaned his house while staying with him for a few days. Michaela even claimed that Zack threatened to deny having sexual relations with her if she ever went public about it.

Meanwhile, Zack felt adamant that he took Michaela in as an act of courtesy and that they were not physically intimate as Michaela described. 

MAFS viewers split between believing Michaela or Zack 

MAFS fans commented under the post with their personal takes on the situation. 

One MAFS viewer wrote out why they believe Michaela is lying. While they don’t believe Zack to be utterly blameless, the viewer noted how Michaela’s body language and behavior indicated deceit and they also recalled when Michaela blatantly lied to Zack’s family about how she handles conflict. 

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Pic credit: @manisteeez/Instagram

Another MAFS fan had a contrasting outlook and believed that Michaela was telling the truth about her physical relationship with Zack after Decision Day. The fan accused Zack of only wanting to sleep with Michaela and suggested he’s denying the truth so that he won’t look bad. 

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Pic credit: @ahsikay/Instagram

A MAFS viewer felt both Michaela and Zack have their issues that make it difficult for either of them to be credible sources. They suggested the truth is somewhere in between Michaela and Zack’s narratives and accused Michaela of being in denial and Zack of gaslighting.

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Pic credit: @chefcic_austinofficial

Another MAFS viewer felt adamant that Michaela is lying and that the main thing Zack is guilty of is just being indecisive. While one comment declared that both Michael and Zack can go. 

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Pic credit: @ramonaseternalsunshine/Instagram

With the tension heating up between Michaela and Zack, only time will tell if the truth will fully be revealed during the final part of the reunion. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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