MAFS: fans fire at Michaela for not taking accountability, she claims Zack has no proof she overreacts

MAFS Zack puts his head in his hands.
MAFS Zack has reached his breaking point. Pic credit: Lifetime

We’ve been on the edge of our seats to see the results of Hurricane K’s Category 5 meltdown that blew through the couples retreat. And the response turned out to be even stranger than we thought as Michaela blamed Zack for leaving and claimed he had no proof that she ever overreacts. The fan boards blew up as viewers could not believe what they were hearing.

The camera doesn’t lie

Fans were a little confused by Michaela’s response to the country-fried chaos that ensued on the couple’s retreat.

As Michaela and Zack sat in a meeting with Dr. Pepper, Michaela seemed to have a very different perspective of the series of events than Zack did.

Michaela claimed that after she had politely asked Zack not to leave and he had, she had a panic attack which she said was regrettable but unavoidable as she couldn’t help it.

She went on to say that Zack seemed to have a specific idea of her in his head and somehow believed that she overreacted and had knee-jerk reactions.

Michaela said she didn’t understand where this was coming from, as he had no proof that she ever overreacted.

As the couples are filmed 16 hours a day, fans were a little confused by Michaela’s response.

Following Michaela’s side of the story, Zack got up and left saying that he just could not handle the conversation. No apology was ever forthcoming from either party, and many fans felt Michaela was simply not owning up to her mistakes. Some fans even felt Zack did the right thing in just walking away.

Fans tell Zack to just keep running

They’ve said it before and they are saying it again, fans are once again advising Zack to run.

Many viewers have been less than thrilled with Zack and Michaela’s relationship this season; between the explosive blowups and walkouts, these original fan favorites have dropped all the way down to the bottom of the totem pole of viewer opinion.

In fact, some fans advised Zack to walk away as early as the honeymoon when many felt Michaela’s reaction to Zack testing positive for COVID-19 and not being able to share a room with her was insensitive and over the top.

But the good times just kept rolling for these two as week after week we watched them come together and blow back apart. The couple took turns moving in and out of the shared apartment, going back and forth on what they would say on Decision Day, and fighting over sleeping and car ride arrangements. It’s been a long season for these two and fans say enough is enough.

Many supported Zack’s decision to walk out of the meeting with Dr. Pepper and Michaela and felt he should just keep on walking.

Zack did end up coming back for another meeting with Dr. Pepper where he and Michaela found some middle ground and agreed to have a conversation about the incident at some future date.

So could this really be the end of the Season 13 couple Zack and Michaela? Fans certainly seem to hope so.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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