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MAFS viewers call out Alyssa Ellman’s hypocrisy after she claims to be allergic to dogs

Alyssa Ellman
Alyssa Ellman claimed she’s allergic to dogs but MAFS fans aren’t buying it. Pic credit: Lifetime

Alyssa Ellman left Married at First Sight viewers scratching their heads due to her excuses on the latest episode. 

Before Chris Collette ultimately made the decision to divorce Alyssa Ellman, the self-proclaimed dog-lover revealed that one of the reasons she’s can’t move in with Chris is because he has a dog and she’s allergic to dogs. 

Married at First Sight viewers found Alyssa’s excuse incredibly hypocritical considering Alyssa has made it clear on several occasions that she is a passionate dog rescuer. 

Alyssa Ellman gets called out by Married at First Sight viewers 

Seeing right through Alyssa’s excuses, Married at First Sight viewers took to social media to call her out. 

One MAFS viewer shared the clip of Alyssa revealing her allergies and highlighted the unimpressed faces from Pastor Cal and Chris. The viewer wrote, “Love the expression from Chris and Pastor Cal when Alyssa dropped the surprising news that she’s allergic to dogs. Pastor Cal was not buying it. He looked so annoyed.” 

Another critic tweeted, “I still can’t get over Alyssa. On top of Chris’s ‘aggressive hands,’ missing eagle tattoo and community activism, she couldn’t see herself with him because of her dog allergy. Meanwhile she has big a** dogs and runs a dog rescue.” 


Another MAFS viewer captured how hypocritical Alyssa sounded when she claimed to be allergic to dogs apart from her own pets. The viewer wrote, “Alyssa: ‘I’m allergic to dogs. Not my dogs, but your dogs. But also I rescue dogs, and I’m not allergic to those ones. I am just allergic to specifically your dogs.’” 

Married at First Sight viewers bring receipts against Alyssa Ellman’s dog allergy

A MAFS viewer brought out receipts when they shared a series of photos that featured Alyssa with various dogs.

The viewer sarcastically remarked, “I really don’t get why everyone is coming down so hard on Alyssa for not wanting to live with Chris…I mean the girl literally has a dog allergy!! Why is that so hard to understand?”

Another MAFS viewer shared more photos of Alyssa with different types of dogs as they wrote, “Alyssa lied about being allergic to Dogs !! SMH.” 

One MAFS critic teased Alyssa’s catchphrase that she’s a good person writing, “How do you rescue dog Alyssa but you’re allergic to them…Oh I know because you’re a good person.” 

Alyssa no longer has to worry about being allergic to Chris’ dog because Chris chose to divorce her and the pair have now gone their separate ways. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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  1. She is so fake and a huge liar. 1st she makes excuse after excuse about not wanting to be with Chris and the latest …. I AM ALERGIC TO DOGS!!!! What a joke. She rescues dogs and there’s pictures of her posing with all kind of dogs. Then she states they have nothing in common but in the start she said everything she wanted in a guy and Chris matched it to a tea. Then there were clips saying that she hates Chris and saying all kind of mean and derogatory remarks about him. I GUESS THIS IS FROM SUCH A NICE PERSON!!!! She is just mad that Chris had enough and called her out and embarrassed her. Then the Crocodile type fake tears in the end. She was not real but trying for an award. She made herself look like such a fool and this from a SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER. She needs to be FIRED.

  2. She is reprehensible in every way. The only advantage to all of this is that she’s protected other potential suitors from pursuing her—she’s one big red flag.

  3. Good thing there are plenty of dogs out there that she ISN’T allergic to because the likelihood of her ever having a man in her life are little to none. Poorest excuse for a human being that I have ever seen!!

  4. Chris should be given a second chance on MAFS because he legitimately wanted to be there for the right reasons. He was level headed and never played any games.

  5. She worse I ever seen in the show🥵make her pay for the lost time for him. She not a good person, she keep saying she a good person nope Karma👹

  6. It’s a good thing her true colors came out as early as they did! She saved Chris ALOT of heartache and drama long term! Thank you Alyssa for being a b***h and showing who you were! Chris deserves better and I hope someone reaches out to him! Shame on you!

  7. When they got back to Boston, Chris should have allowed her to take the apartment. He then should never call her and gotten on with his life. The moment either her or the Producers called him he should have simply said..”It’s Over”.

    • When they got back the best idea would have been to give her the apartment then when Chris showed up for the meeting with Pastor Cal, he then says he wants a divorce and then she would have to pack up everything and leave in embarrassment.


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