MAFS viewers are officially annoyed with Noi following latest episode

Noi Pammasak
Noi Phommasak has rubbed MAFS viewers the wrong way with her behavior during the last episode. Pic credit: Lifetime

Noi Phommasak’s behavior during the latest episode of Married at First Sight tipped the scales of viewers’ annoyance with her.

The way she acted towards her husband Steve Moy in the past, coupled with her recent troubling feelings and way of communicating, have caused viewers to jump on social media to criticize her.

Specifically, a ton of tweets berating Noi’s conduct and perceived immaturity were at the top of MAFS talk online.

Noi’s vexation that Steve does not have a job drove her to decide that Steve should do all the cooking and cleaning even though he wanted to share responsibility because he was also contributing financially. She told him to, “kiss my a**.”

Noi also let Steve know that she did not want to move in with him after Decision Day because she didn’t feel comfortable but wouldn’t elaborate.

She also posted something cryptic on social media that Steve believed was aimed at him and their relationship after he asked her not to air their drama online.

When Noi spoke with her sister during the last episode, she also didn’t tell the full story about the genesis of Steve saying he loved her.

MAFS viewers weighed in on Noi Phommasak’s behavior

One MAFS viewer took aim at Noi’s attitude during fights or difficult communications.

They remarked, “Noi is a real mean girl when she doesn’t get her way. It’s not cute at all.”

Tweet about Noi Phammasak
Pic credit: @brewsy_love/Twitter

Another jabbed, “Noi must really think she’s badder than she is there, I said it. Act your league sis.”

Tweet about Noi Phammasak
Pic credit: @blkgrlspaint/Twitter

There was another critic who made their point to Noi.

They said, “Now, Noi… You remind that man that he doesn’t have a job every chance you get. You literally don’t miss an opportunity. Not working and not HAVING to work are two different things. Stop being an a*****e.”

Tweet about Noi Phammasak
Pic credit: @raytedg/Twitter

There was another MAFS observer who called Noi out by stating, “NOI you lying boo. You told Steve you were falling in love FIRST and flipped out cuz he didn’t. In fact you told him this in the second day of the honeymoon and almost scared him tf off. Let’s be clear.”

Steve Moy said he needs more from Noi Phommasak to say ‘Yes’ on Decision Day

Steve has not been happy with Noi’s communication style and has tried to work on ways to improve things with her but the same issues keep coming up for her.

Steve wants Noi not to be held back by the fact that he doesn’t have a job at the moment and have faith that he knows what he’s doing and has enough savings for them to be comfortable.

If Noi can’t get over the fact that Steve wants a less restricting life, then Steve has said it would be hard for him to say “Yes” on Decision Day.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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2 years ago

This whole season of MAFS is disturbing. It does not at all appear that the so called experts did their due diligence in choosing these singles. Noi is just down right unstable, she doesn’t want to help take care of the apartment, she doesn’t even want to take care of HER dog and yet she continues to talk about Steve not working even though he is cooking, cleaning and taking card of her dog. Obviously he can hold is own financially, the man just got back from a four month trip. On decision day he needs to say “I want a divorce” because if she can\t see that working is not something that he has to do in order to hold up his end then she doesn’t deserve him.