MAFS viewers can’t understand why the experts chose Steve knowing he’s jobless

Steve is one of five husbands starring in this season of Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

The Married at First Sight experiment based in Boston has officially premiered, and it’s clear viewers already have strong opinions about the cast.

Steve and Noi are one of five couples set to be married, and following the first episode, fans aren’t optimistic about the match.

While both are adventurous and value family, after finding out Steve was jobless, MAFS viewers are sounding off because they can’t understand why the experts chose him to be married to her.

MAFS viewers can’t understand why the experts chose Steve knowing he’s jobless

Growing up in a refuge camp, Noi described herself as someone who valued stability. However, to her surprise, her 38-year-old new match is currently in between jobs.

Previously a sales engineer, Steve told the experts that after being laid off during the pandemic, he took the time off to travel and dive deep into “self-growth work.”

Still taking on freelance assignments, Steven elaborated that he planned on jumping into his career now that he has settled down.

Clearly, the revelation didn’t ease the fears of MAFS fans as they vocalized their firm opinions in the Twitterverse.

One critic wrote, “See this is why nobody takes the show serious anymore. Why are you matching a man with no job?!?! I see why so many people stopped watching this show.”

Pic credit: @juss_Jazzii/Twitter

MAFS viewers felt that matching Noi with someone with no job was already putting the marriage at a future disadvantage.

Some viewers defended the experts on why Steve was choosen

However, some users were able to agree with why the experts might’ve paired them together.

Pastor Cal admitted that while he doesn’t have a job, the resident MAFS expert emphasized that didn’t mean he was unemployable.

Agreeing with this reasoning, one user defended Steve on the social media platform and wrote, “No job doesn’t mean no security. The tech field has volatility, but it also pays well.”

The observer added, “If he has good experience he should be able to get a job easily. Also, he probably was getting Covid unemployment. Lots of people took time to regroup.”

One user came to Steve’s defense on Twitter. Pic credit: @fay_jay/Twitter

What do you think of the match between Steve and Noi? Let us know in the comments.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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