MAFS viewers are divided amid claims Brett was seeing someone despite slamming Ryan for dating app

Ryan’s sister Alexa revealed Brett allegedly had been seeing someone during the Married at First Sight experiment. Pic credit: LIfetime

Brett and Ryan weren’t exactly on the path to a successful relationship on Married at First Sight but it was still jarring when Ryan matched with one of Brett’s friends on a dating app.

While Ryan was crucified online after the revelation, the reunion has MAFS fans divided after it was exposed Brett allegedly had been seeing someone during the experiment.

MAFS fans are divided on Brett and Ryan

Ryan’s sister Alexa made a guest appearance at the MAFS reunion and came ready to spill the tea.

She explained that her view of Brett had changed because despite telling her to her face that Brett felt Ryan was distracted, Alexa claimed it was actually her who was seeing someone else.

While Alexa accused her former sister-in-law of still currently seeing that person, Brett maintains that this is untrue.

“Yeah I did meet somebody but I didn’t pursue anything with them until everything was said and done,” Brett explained to host Kevin Frazier. “And that’s also a situation that’s done.”

She added, “The fact is that I met someone, and exchanged numbers. That’s the fact. That’s it.”

However, Ryan had a different take on the interaction. “I’ve literally seen conversations. There’s more to it than a friendship that was being developed.”

The Oil & Gas liaison added, “There was more than just friends exchanging numbers, even the night they met.”

MAFS fan account @realtivwithbee captured the tense exchanged and MAFS are divided on whose side they’re taking.

Calling Brett’s actions hypocritical, one follower wrote, “Wow. All I can say is she shouldn’t have come at him so condescendingly knowing she was on the same path in a different way.”

Pic credit: @realitvwithbee/Instagram

However, some viewers had Brett’s back as one fan wrote, “To be fair, he was checked out as early on as the honeymoon. He wasn’t feeling her at all and she felt that.”

Agreeing that exchanging numbers wasn’t the right thing to do, the viewer added, “But I do think she just enjoyed someone showing interest in her.”

Pic credit: @realitvwithbee/Instagram

Regardless, both Ryan and fans knew there was no hope in the relationship

While Ryan could be upset at Brett’s hypocrisy, both fans and the couple themselves knew there was no saving that marriage.

“I don’t think it had any effect on our relationship, but it’s just tough after going through the dating app thing,” Ryan said while at the reunion.

Having undergone a similar experience, MAFS Season 12 alum Henry Rodriguez entered the chat.

While the New Orleans alum would like to know the exact timing of Brett’s alleged relationship, he wrote, “At the end of the day they were just a bad match and it wasn’t going to work out for them anyways.”

Pic credit: @realitvwithbee/Instagram

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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