MAFS Spoilers: Are Paige and Chris still together or did they finally divorce?

Paige and Chris on Married at First Sight
Paige Banks and Chris Williams had a very rough MAFS season. Pic credit: Lifetime

Paige Banks and Chris Williams’ drama took over on the latest season of Married at First Sight. Since the couple debuted, viewers had been hoping that the two would split and get a divorce following Decision Day. Did that actually happen?

Long-time MAFS viewers of the show might be a little disappointed, as that’s not exactly what played out. Things didn’t go smoothly either, however.

Did MAFS Atlanta couple Paige and Chris get divorced?

Viewers expected that when Paige and Chris turned up on Decision Day, she’d turn him down and walk away. That’s largely because of comments that Chris has made in the past, such as suggesting that her face was a problem. Naturally, this angered fans and led to many believing that she deserved better.

Paige seems to disagree, however, as she was happy to see her other half on the Married at First Sight Decision Day. There were also a few surprises during the day when the show’s experts allowed the two to talk to each other. That’s when Chris told his wife how much he had changed.

As he highlighted, he didn’t appreciate her when she should have, although he now claims that he does. Following the discussion, Paige Banks and Chris Williams said they were undecided about getting a divorce.

The experts, however, wouldn’t take that as an answer, and as Pastor Cal pointed out, there is either the decision to get divorced or to not get divorced and “undecided” just meant that they would not be getting divoced.

Ultimately, Paige decided not to change her mind for Chris and that the pair would be getting a divorce. Fans will be happy with that decision, although the happiness would be short-lived. Not long after agreeing to a divorce, Paige said she was open to something happening.

That only happened after Chris ran out crying, only to be quickly followed by Paige. After the episode was shot, it was revealed that the MAFS couple attended counseling to work on their relationship.

Paige’s emotional year

It’s been a tough year for the Married at First Sight stars. Paige recently noted that she had leaned on her mom for a lot of emotional support, while adding much she loves her mother. As she said in an Instagram post:

“This past year has been very very hard for me and you’ve had to carry me through some really dark days – but it’s something about a mother’s love that eases all the pain away.. I love you endlessly and am so grateful that God handpicked you just for me.”

It’s not clear how counseling went for the pair but at the Married at First Sight reunion, Chris ended up leaving abruptly when faced with his former pastor friend. Then, Paige’s friend Nancy came out and had some choice words for Chris.

This week, we’ll get an update from the MAFS Atlanta cast and hopefully, we’ll learn that Paige has been keeping her distance.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on LIfetime.

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