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MAFS: Paige Banks admits ‘this past year has been very very hard for me,’ gets emotional support from mom

Paige Banks admits this past year was very hard for her Pic credit: Lifetime

Paige Banks came into the Married at First Sight experiment with high hopes and the expectations of finding a life partner. Although her match Chris Williams was everything she asked for on paper, the experts admitted even they felt fooled after his stint on the show.

This past season was tough, from a pregnant ex-fiancée to a shocking miscarriage, Paige dealt with the most a new bride has ever had to deal with in franchise history.

While her experience on the show was completely unprecedented, she has taken the time to heal and has gotten some major emotional support from her mom.

Paige gets emotional support from her mom

In a post on Instagram, Paige praised her mother for being a major source of support after her time on the 8-week marriage experiment.

“This past year has been very very hard for me and you’ve had to carry me through some really dark days – but it’s something about a mother’s love that eases all the pain away.. I love you endlessly and am so grateful that God handpicked you just for me,” the 25-year-old wrote as the caption.

“Celebrating you just because I love you and everything you’re about,” she concluded.

While her time on MAFS didn’t result in a marriage, it’s clear she has a great support system around her.

Paige’s bridesmaid Nancy was also a major source of support for the accountant this season.

When asked by Kevin Frazier why Paige’s family and friends didn’t intervene, Nancy revealed, “Paige’s people ain’t there because we don’t act like Paige. We are not as graceful and poised and refined and full of forgiveness and understanding.”

“I know Paige doesn’t carry herself like that, and I don’t think that I should feed into that narrative either,” her friend continued.

Paige reminds viewers that she was not privy to sidebar conversations

All season fans watched as Chris dropped bomb after bomb on his new wife. From his ex-fiancée’s pregnancy to buying his ex a Mercedes, Paige was tested on the commitment she made to this process.

However, at the reunion, Paige reminded viewers that she is not a weak-willed woman, and there were things that she didn’t know till watching the show.

“I was not privy to some of these sidebar conversations,” Paige explained to Kevin Frazier. “The trophy wife and ‘oh, you know, she’s not my type,’ whatever the case may be. This is all news to me.”

Married at First sight is currently on hiatus on Lifetime.

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