MAFS reunion: Experts reveal how Chris Williams ‘fooled’ them all and got cast for the show

MAFS expert say Chris Williams was a different person during his audition for the show
MAFS experts talk about casting Chris Williams on the show Pic credit:Lifetime

The Married at First Sight experts received a lot of flack from fans regarding the Season 12 matches. But the most disappointing pairing of them all was Paige Banks and Chris Williams.

Many people believed that the experts cast Chris merely for ratings, but they have continued to deny doing any such thing. It seems the person they saw during the pre-interviews was a totally different man than the one they saw on the show.

The experts name Chris Williams as their biggest regret

Married at First Sight experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Viviana Coles had a lot of explaining to do at the reunion last night.

Each one gave their take on the couples and shared what went wrong and what went right with the matches.

The experts named their greatest triumphs this season, which turned out to be Briana and Vincent, but as for their biggest regret, it was undoubtedly Chris Williams, which certainly did not come as a shock to anyone.

“I’ll say I think Chris and having him not end up being who we thought he was is a huge regret,” confessed Dr. Viviana.

Pastor Cal seconded the sentiment adding, “There is no question, the guy that I met, we liked him and based on the information that we had and based on the person we knew, we thought that he would do well but it just didn’t turn out that way.”

Chris Williams fooled all the experts

During the reunion, the MAFS experts explained how they got things so wrong in casting Chris for the eight-week experiment. For one, it’s clear that Chris’s mind was not in the right place.

I had some concerns. Unfortunately, there’s an image I believe he has in his mind of what beauty looks like,” remarked Pastor Cal.

“If somebody is that concerned with how their partner looks and they have to be in this box, why are you doing this?” interjected Dr. Viviana. “He obviously had a very clear idea that he didn’t share with us because he was so ‘oh I’m open to this and I’m open to that, any shade and any shape and anything.’ He was so honestly open that he fooled me.”

As for Dr. Schwartz, she didn’t mince words about the 27-year-old.

“I found him a man without any empathy without any care about what he said to her, what that did to her,” expressed the MAFS expert.

“Honestly, had we seen this, had we had any inkling that he wasn’t the nice, modest, quiet, sincere person we met in the beginning, this never would’ve happened. We would never have picked a guy, knowledgeably, with these kinds of major issues.”

Married at First sight is currently on hiatus on Lifetime.

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2 years ago

If he could fool trained professionals then imagine what poor Paige went through. I imagine she’s never dealt with a person like him before. I’m glad she saw through him and left the relationship. He had zero empathy for anyone but himself and his anger issues were very scary.