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Pastor Cal says MAFS experts are also ‘surprised’ by the way Chris treated Paige

Pastor Carl weighs in on Paige and Chris. Pic credit: Lifetime

The participants of Married of First Sight entrust the experts with one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

This new take on arranged marriage is the risk of a lifetime, and even after the countless interviews, questionnaires, and home visits, the experts still make mistakes.

While some matches can look perfect on paper, there are some things even the experts can’t predict.

One new husband is already getting major backlash

In the latest episode, the highly anticipated weddings between the strangers have finally happened.

One of the most talked-about husbands already is 27-year-old finance manager Chris Williams.

Chris set off major red flags when he revealed he was engaged only months prior to the experiment. Not only did he name drop his ex multiple times in his first conversation with his new bride Paige Banks, but he goes on to disrespect her to her bridesmaids.

Chris initially told the experts that he wanted someone who wasn’t with him for his money, and he got that – his new wife might even be more successful than him.

However, it may not be enough as he doesn’t consider Paige a “trophy wife” and admits she’s a lot different than what he’s used to.

Pastor Cal was also surprised by the actions of Chris

Fans definitely are upset with how Paige has been treated this season. While most viewers are coming for the experts and accusing them of matching for ‘ratings’, Pastor Cal refutes that claim.

In a post on Instagram, MAFS expert Pastor Calvin Roberson preaches to his followers about the importance of setting aside your pride.

While most fans overlooked the message, they used the comment section of his post to express their disappointment the match of Chris and Paige.

He thanked viewers for their opinions but assures fans she is being taken care of.

In a reply to a fan he wrote, “Thank you for caring for Paige. We do also, and she knows it, since we’re in communication with her. Ratings are never more important than our couples.”

Pastor Cal answers fans’ concerns Pic credit: @iamcalvinroberson/Instagram

Fans are confused about how Chris even got on the show. Pastor Cal’s response to this was, “We do our absolute best to match couples with integrity, but we can’t predict how they act when the cameras roll. We’re surprised also.”

Dr. Viviana Coles has also been on the defensive end as the casting of Chris continues to be criticized.

Do you think the experts have a right to be surprised or should the recent engagement have set off red flags?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays 8/7c on Lifetime.

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  1. If they can’t tell that someobe is wrong ………….. how can they be trusted to make good matches….after all………..they are the ‘experts’.


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