MAFS: Ryan sheds more light on dating app fiasco, call it the ‘biggest mistake I made on the show’

Season 13 MAFS alum Ryan Ignasiak sheds more light on the infamous dating app incident. Pic credit: Lifetime

While Season 14 of Married at First Sight is still warming up, Season 13 isn’t quite finished yet.

Despite ending the experiment in Houston with no successful matches, Ryan Ignasiak has some regrets, specifically about getting on a dating app before the show wrapped for filming.

Ryan Ignasiak sheds more light on dating app fiasco

In a conversation with Tamara Tattle Tales, the MAFS star opened up on the infamous dating app moment that essentially put the nail in the relationship coffin with his wife, Brett.

“That’s been the main thing that’s came up after this,” the 35-year-old explained. “The whole dating app thing was, I literally opened it, I thought I was gonna have to. This was days before Decision [Day]. This is the week of Decision Day.”

Explaining that after re-downloading the app, the Oil & Gas liaison noticed that his account wasn’t completely deleted, “I hit the cloud button and everything’s there. I have all these pending messages, all these pending matches, and I’m like, have I been active like this whole time?”

He added, “I was never there just swiping away and matched with one of her friends, like the app was on my phone for minutes.”

Breaking it down further, the former MAFS husband added that after Decision Day, the participants only had two weeks before all their online profiles were to go on private to not spoil the show.

Revealing that he and fellow Houston husband Zack spoke about hopping on dating apps for those two weeks, while Zack didn’t, Ryan said he downloaded the app with the “mindset that I was gonna get it ready.”

Calling it “the biggest mistake” he made on the show outside of his communication with Brett, he acknowledged that it was super disrespectful and wished he could take it back.

Ryan Ignasiak was recently spotted with MAFS Season 10 alum, Mindy Shiben

In other news, Ryan was recently spotted hanging out with another beloved MAFS alum, Mindy Shiben.

Pictured on the same tree in Mexico, fans were quick to connect the dots.

Also clearly not keeping it a secret, when confronted by fans, Ryan commented under Mindy’s picture, “I’m choosing not to engage.”

Continuing the flirty banter, Mindy replied, “Part of choosing to not engage is not announcing it [laughing emoji].”

Pic credit: @mindy_shiben/Instagram

Mindy and Ryan could very well be friends and pulling our legs, but what do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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