MAFS: Ryan admits to downloading dating apps and fans just aren’t buying his justification

MAFS Ryan looks annoyed.
Ryan can’t be bothered on Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

Most people generally try to wait until a divorce to get back out in the dating pool, but Married at First Sight Season 13’s Ryan Ignasiak put himself back on the market in this week’s episode.

After being confronted with the evidence, Ryan admitted he had re-downloaded a dating app while still married to Brett.

Ryan gets back out there

Ryan revealed to his MAFS wife Brett, that he had, in fact, downloaded a dating app, but swore it was not active.

But Brett, MAFS fans, and the experts just weren’t buying it.

Following a fun-filled day of fishing and four-wheeling at Ryan’s parents’ ranch, which was topped off with a very intimate moment of reading letters to their younger selves, many fans were beginning to feel a glimmer of hope for the couple.

But that hope was short-lived as after the two returned to Brett’s apartment, Brett revealed a disturbing message she had just received from a friend.

The message said that Ryan had been spotted on a dating app, and not just spotted, but matched with one of Brett’s friends. That day.

When confronted with the information Ryan did admit he had downloaded the app but had never had the intention of using it until after Decision Day, one week away. Brett replied that she wasn’t sure how that helped matters and fans agreed that Ryan’s justification was not a justification at all.

Brett responded that Ryan had obviously downloaded the app with the intention of using it and that in and of itself was disrespectful. And Married at First Sight fans couldn’t agree more.

After Ryan left Brett’s apartment, he sent her a text message to continue to justify his actions by saying he promised Brett he had not meant for the app to show up as active until after Decision Day. Once again fans were not sure how that helped Ryan’s cause.

Although Ryan continued to claim he had not been on the app or using it, Brett had the evidence that he matched with someone she knew, and even aside from that, fans felt the main issue was that he downloaded it at all.

It was clear to MAFS viewers, Brett, and the experts that Ryan had long since checked out of the marriage.

Married at First Sight viewers were not surprised

While Ryan’s admission of being on the dating apps was a shock for some, many fans saw it coming.

Ryan had admitted having “one foot in the friend zone” with Brett even as early as the honeymoon, and while he danced the Hokey Pokey with his feelings throughout the season, it soon became clear he had stepped both feet firmly in the friendzone.

There was also the matter of Ryan’s relationship past or lack thereof, that had given viewers pause about him. Fans had expressed concern over Ryan’s serial dater past and wondered if he would be able to put it all behind him and commit.

Well, we guess that answers that.

So will Ryan and Brett even wait until Decision Day at this point, or will the next episode reveal they’ve already called it quits?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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