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MAFS Red Wine Recap: ‘Hurricane K’ Michaela tells Zack’s parents she fights fair

Married at First Sight Season 13 couple Michaela and Zack got our hopes high, but then Lifetime dashed them with some Hurricane previews. Pic credit: Lifetime

Hello my MAFS-Lovers! Liz Long here dropping in for a quick note on MAFS 13 because I couldn’t help myself from discussing “Hurricane Michaela” real quick (video below!).

Y’all – this couple gave me HIGH HOPES after their wedding! And then those nasty little producers had to ruin it all for us by dropping a frightful season trailer where Michaela steamrolls all over my Season 13 dreams! (Thank goodness Bao and Johnny are coming in clutch though, right?)

As you might know, I make MAFS videos over on our Youtube channel, and I almost feel foolish giving them a “Woody and Amani edit!”Always the optimist for a good MAFS love story, however, I will try and stay hopeful that Michaela (and possibly even Zack) learn something from the experience. It’s early days but man – why oh why did we have to see those previews, guys?

And speaking of those producers, did they seriously not tell the wedding DJ that Michaela’s father had passed?! We saw the clip of the DJ saying “Michaela, can we get you to the dance floor for a dance with dad” and poor Michaela had no choice but to sit there. Thank goodness Zack’s dad came to the rescue, and Michaela was sweet in thanking him and saying “yes sir” when he asked her! But man, rip my heart out why don’t ya, Lifetime.

“Let’s see what you got!” Such a cute moment with Michaela and Zack’s dad. Pic credit: Lifetime

But as much as I wanted to enjoy all the cute moments including Michaela and Zack’s connected conversations, I can’t unsee the previews! Couldn’t they have just given us a little more happiness for a FEW more episodes?

What’s more, in this week’s episode titled “One Day Down, a Lifetime to Go,” Michaela met Zack’s family for the post-wedding brunch. Zack’s dad asked her how she goes about handling conflict, and she proceeded to tell them how she is not about yelling or throwing things and even added how it’s okay to walk away from an argument.

Of course, we see in the previews her doing the exact opposite of all of these things, and so here is a little video showcasing just that. A storm is brewing for these here honeymooners, my friends…

I suggest you take cover. ‘Til next week, my loves.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.