MAFS recap: One month down, an eternity to go

MAFS Johnny rips up a rose in anger
MAFS Johnny Lam angrily tears up a rose. Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s been one month since the couples of Married At First Sight Season 13 said “I do.” While they all knew those two little words would be the start of a big adventure, we don’t think anyone could have predicted what would come next. Here’s where the couples stand at their one-month anniversary mark.

Rachel and Jose put the past behind them

Last week’s episode left Rachel and Jose’s future very unclear, in the aftermath of a big blowout that culminated in Rachel being locked out of the couple’s apartment.

This week, Jose remained firm that his locking Rachel out of the apartment was an accident, despite his costar’s disbelief of it truly being accidental.

The fact that Jose did not seem remorseful the following day also led fans to believe the incident may not have been as accidental as Jose was casually claiming.

But this week had the two hashing it out and Rachel finally got the apology she had been waiting for. Jose attempted to reconcile with handmade notecards promising not to lock Rachel out anymore and improve his communication. The gesture touched Rachel and the two began to mend fences.

Rachel reasoned that the couple only had a rough three days compared to an idyllic three weeks, so the two began rebuilding the bridge of their communication and relationship.

Rachel and Jose spent their anniversary picnicking in the center of a baseball diamond and following it up with a friendly game. Rachel was very happy with Jose’s creativity in setting it up and by the end of the day, it seemed the incidents of yesterday, seemed the furthest thing from the couple’s mind.

The group dinner found Rachel and Jose gushing over their new reconciliation and Rachel revealed she did still love Jose, and the two had been able to pick up right where they had left off.

Brett and Ryan — dog days

The worst. Brett’s sweet dog, Baxter, a fan favorite, got very sick and had to be rushed to the Emergency Vet. The news was not good. The vet reported Baxter was in severe kidney failure and gave him a 50/50 chance to make it through the night.

The next day the verdict came in that Baxter needed to be put down. So while Brett took care of that, Ryan went to the gym but sent her a text that he was “there for her.”

The two met up later that day for their one-month anniversary movie date. Plot twist — the movie was their wedding day!

While the scene was set for romance, Ryan admitted to the cameras that watching the movie just made him realize that he feels less currently for Brett than he did at the alter and that things are not progressing on his end at all. Bummer.

At the group dinner, the couple did express that while they were not sure of their romantic feelings for each other, they did respect and care about each other greatly. And hey, there are far worse things for a relationship to build on than respect and care, so it is still anyone’s guess which way this relationship could go.

Michaela calls it quits — on salsa dancing anyway

In salsa dancing, the dancers generally take one step forward and two steps back, and if that isn’t the perfect analogy for Michaela and Zack’s relationship, we don’t know what is.

The two went on a salsa dancing double date with Gil and Myrla, and although things started off well, about halfway through Michaela mysteriously refused to participate in the dance anymore. She sat down and reported to everyone that she was done. No additional explanation was given and Zack did his best to shake it off and not let it ruin their night.

Later “Hurricane Kay” met with “Happy Zack” as the two had their one-month anniversary date. Michaela had said that if she had one wish she would want “Happy Zack” back, the person that she had met on their wedding day.

So to get “Happy Zack” back, she arranged their one month to be at a music studio where the two shared a romantic dinner and intimate conversation. Michaela admitted she knew she had been getting in her own way and wanted to try to do better with that. Surprisingly the two said there was nothing about their relationship they would want to change.

Later Zack gifts Michaela a Tiffany’s bracelet engraved with their wedding date and Michaela liked the gift so much, she admitted she was in love with Zack. She reiterated the sentiment later at the group dinner and while the other couples looked a little surprised, they toasted Michaela and Zack’s big news.

And the dance for these two continues, with this latest giant step forward we are scared to see what the two steps might look like.

Bao and Johnny take a leap of faith — again

If Bao and Johnny thought marrying a stranger was a leap of faith, it was nothing compared to their one-month anniversary activity. The couple spent their one-month hurtling face first out of a plane into the unknown on a skydiving excursion.

Once safely on the ground Bao ran into Johnny’s arms and began kissing him. Whether she was happy to be with Johnny or just happy to be alive, it was a sweet moment.

After landing safely, the two decided to settle their stomachs with some lunch, and while it seemed like jumping headlong from an airplane would put some things in perspective, the couple’s differences reared their head once again.

Bao admitted she needed more physical contact with Johnny, who replied he just isn’t able to. Bao reverted to what Johnny calls her “childlike” voice, and Johnny immediately shut down saying to the cameras that Bao just “doesn’t get it.”

Bao took her turn with the cameras saying she was trying everything she can but getting nothing in return from Johnny. “Throw me a freakin bone!” she yells to the camera.

Later in the day Bao and Johnny met up with the other couples for a group dinner. We aren’t sure what came out of that dinner more scathed, Johnny and Bao’s relationship, or the rose petal Johnny spent the dinner angrily tearing to pieces. Yikes.

Bao reported to the group that she was trying her best, making gourmet meals, baking, etc. and that she had discovered Johnny needed her to initiate everything, and basically “romance” him. Johnny said nothing while he sat angrily, shredding a rose petal to pieces. He finally responded saying there were a lot of things he wanted to say but wanted to communicate them to his wife first. He then abruptly got up, claiming he was going to the bathroom.

Once outside the restaurant Johnny told Jose the things Bao was saying were “a complete lie” and that Bao was “calculating, and manipulative.”

Basically, things did not end on a high note for the once Married At First Sight once predicted as Most Likely to Succeed.

Myrla and Gil woo each other

Myrla and Gil once again take home this week’s prize for the couple that is doing the best. For the couple that fans wondered, why they were even matched in the first place, these two have really proven how strong of a connection they are making. Who knew.

Gil and Myrla killed their one month. They arranged surprises for each other and glowed over their wedding present from the experts, their framed vows, and wedding album.

Gil took Myrla to a surprise picnic at a winery, something Myrla had always wanted to do. The date hit a slight rough patch as Gil told Myrla there were times she was “dramatic” and even a “brat.” But Myrla took it all in stride and the two continued with their date. Gil also saved it by saying that regardless of their differences, he was choosing her and choosing to stay in the marriage and was feeling the “falling in love” type of feelings. Myrla revealed to the cameras that Gil was more than she had ever expected and that he was a “dream come true.”

Myrla surprised Gil right back with champagne, candlelight, and chocolate-covered strawberries and the evening ended with them cuddled up in bed rereading their vows wearing matching t shirts. Adorable.

The two admitted at their group dinner how much “in like” they were beginning to fall for each other and how they felt good about the progress they had made at their pace.

Oh, and Gil got his bride one more surprise gift. An ultra-modern, ultra-sleek — pooper scooper. The epitome of romance.

With all the developments the one-month anniversaries brought for the couples, we are on the edge of our seats to see what’s next.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.