MAFS recap: Memory lane and a dirty little secret

MAFS Johnny doesn't look happy.
MAFS Johnny is dropping all the bombs on Bao. Pic credit: Lifetime

One dirty little secret? Because we are counting and there was a grand total of three dirty little secrets dropped on last night’s episode. Find out which spouses finally revealed what it was that they’d been hiding.

Rachel reveals all to Jose

It was Rachel! Rachel was the one who spent the night at her ex’s house.

Yesterday, Married at First Sight’s Lifetime official Instagram had dropped a teaser post about one of the spouses revealing they had slept at an ex’s house and showed pictures of who it might be. While many fans immediately felt it was Ryan, there were a few that turned out to be right in their guess of Rachel.

The ones who had felt it was Rachel, cited that the night of the lockout, it was never established where Rachel ended up spending the night after Jose “accidentally” locked her out.

Turns out, they were dead on. Rachel admitted to Jose that her ex had been the only one to answer the phone that night and that she had indeed spent the night at his house. She followed the confession with a disclaimer that nothing happened and that her staying there was sheerly based on him being the only one to answer the phone that late at night.

Jose actually took it pretty well and talked over the situation with Rachel. He said that if “you trust someone you trust someone” and he wasn’t going to doubt her word that nothing happened. He said the information was on his radar now but that he wasn’t going to make the situation worse. Way to go, Jose. Growth.

The couples also took a trip down memory lane in this episode by visiting their childhood homes. Jose showed Rachel where he grew up and explained that he felt that they didn’t have much, but as Rachel looked around his mother’s well-built house, she had her doubts and wondered what standard Jose was comparing himself to.

Ryan puts himself back on the market

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. What can we say?

Ryan revealed in last night’s episode that he had in fact downloaded dating apps again, after Brett confronted him with a text message she had received from a friend, letting her know Ryan had matched with someone they knew– that day.

It was quite a shock considering earlier in the day the couple had gone to Ryan’s family ranch and spent the afternoon fishing and talking. They laid on the grass while they read out loud letters they had written to their younger selves and Ryan teared up as he relived the part in his where his best friend unexpectedly passed away.

Brett shared her letter as well and it seemed like a real bonding moment for the couple. A small glimmer of hope was seen for the two’s future.

But that spark was quickly extinguished as Brett sat across from Ryan and confronted him with her friend’s accusations. Ryan rebutted by saying he wasn’t planning to be active on it until after Decision Day. We aren’t sure that really helps his cause.

Many fans were not surprised by this revelation as they had had serious concerns about Ryan’s serial dater past and wondered if he could be reformed. It looks like the answer to that is no.

Ryan considers himself single and ready to mingle.

Johnny goes behind Bao’s back

The bombshells just kept dropping on last night’s episode.

Bao and Johnny spent the day visiting their childhood homes and spent the night ending their marriage.

Johnny took Bao to the home he had lived in with his mother and siblings and talked about his father leaving. As he read the letter he had written to his younger self, tears began to flow and Bao thanked him for opening up to her.

The next stop on the tour was Bao’s childhood home– well plot. The home itself was actually gone but she showed Johnny the field where it had been and showed him pictures of what it looked like. She talked about how ashamed she had been of her family and childhood home and when she read the letter to her younger self she began sobbing.

Johnny reached out to comfort her and admitted it gave him a lot more insight into Bao and even to himself and how he reacted to things like his parents. As with Brett and Ryan, this small spark of intimacy gave us a glimmer of hope.

But we then watched it get stomped out in the span of the day.

While Bao and Johnny spoke with Dr. Pepper, Johnny made a shocking revelation. Johnny admitted he had been having conversations with Bao’s friend Sarah and he had not liked what he heard.

Johnny revealed Sarah had told him that she was not surprised Johnny was not happy in the relationship and expressed that several of Bao’s ex’s had felt that way. Bao’s “friend” went on to say that she would never date Bao or let any of her friends date Bao, as she had a tendency to break people down so they depended on her and then build them back up in the image she wanted.

Johnny said he had learned all he wanted to know about Bao and was not interested in knowing anything further. Dr. Pepper tried to de-escalate the situation and advised Johnny to at least let Bao confront the accusations and hear her side of things.

After Dr. Pepper left, Johnny and Bao talked a little more on the subject but Johnny ended it by saying he thought it was best to walk away from the marriage. And walk away he did, leaving Bao to finish dinner and a bottle of champagne, on her own.

Michaela denies, denies, denies

We. Just. Can’t. These two are so hard to keep up with. Last we checked, Zack was literally running away from Michaela as he sped home in the middle of the night, we figured never to be seen or heard from again. But between several meetings with Dr. Pepper, the two seemed to have rekindled something? We are lost.

Ok, let’s back up a second. So last week’s episode featured a major Michaela meltdown that left both furniture and her relationship with Zack, broken. The couple’s retreat culminated in absolute country-fried chaos with Michaela screaming at Zack and throwing things, as Zack took off for home in the middle of the night.

This week found them sitting awkwardly in a meeting with Dr. Pepper as Michaela claimed she did nothing wrong, and that Zack had no proof that she ever flew off the handle or had explosive reactions. We aren’t sure if she forgot she’s on a reality show literally being filmed 24/7 or what, but it was definitely an odd response considering the recent incident.

Dr. Pepper tried to mediate but as Michaela continued to deny her guilt or the fact that anything that extreme happened, Zack couldn’t take it anymore and walked out.

We figured that was that, but the couple met an additional time where they talked about having a conversation and expressing their feelings about what happened. Zack even went so far as to say he would say yes on Decision Day if that meant Michaela would talk to him. The session ended with two laughing and holding hands as they promised to talk. So confusing.

Myrla and Gil fight over finances– yes again

Once again Myrla and Gil walk away with the least dramatic couple award for the episode and let’s be real, the entire season.

Myrla and Gil visited Gil’s childhood home, where Gil got very vulnerable with Myrla and talked about the night his father had been killed. He admitted he had never told the whole story to anyone else before and Myrla felt honored he would share it with her.

Next, the two hit the volleyball court as Myrla shared that piece of her past with Gil. She explained how important sports were to her and her family growing up and how she felt it had shaped her into who she was.

She shared pictures of her first childhood home, and it was a small one-room shed. Gil felt it gave him more insight into why Myrla might want nice homes and things now since she had come from so little.

But unfortunately, that understanding can only go so far, as the two butted heads once again over finances. During their Dr. Pepper visit, the couple started off well but ended up going down the same financial road.

Gil felt like Myrla should spend and shop less and Myrla disagreed. The two still never reached a conclusion on it even with Dr. Pepper’s assistance. It seems the two are just not going to budge on this one. Myrla admitted if they did end up getting a divorce, it would be over financial stability issues and that also they were not each other’s type, as in they would never have just dated each other off the street or organically.

But all’s well that ends well as the couple seems determined to push through the differences and make it work.

With so much up in the air and so many new secrets revealed, it will be interesting to see what the final episode before Decision Day will bring for the couples.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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