MAFS: Olajuwon Dickerson explains how he became intimate with a mother and daughter on Afterparty

Olajuwon Dickerson
Olajuwon made a shocking revelation on Married at First Sight and he gave even more details on Afterparty. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 14 star Olajuwon Dickerson has plenty of ‘Isaac’ stories from his playboy past, and he’s not afraid to discuss them in detail on national television. 

Recently, Olajuwon shared a story that left his fellow MAFS castmates speechless during a game of Never Have I Ever. 

But Olajuwon didn’t stop there, as he proceeded to give even more details about how he became intimate with both a mother and her daughter on Afterparty.

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Olajuwon Dickerson shares about his ‘sex education’ 

During their honeymoon, the Married at First Sight Season 14 cast sat on a boat and played a game of Never Have I Ever to get to know each other better.

Olajuwon got a little too personal when he asked the cast, “Have you ever slept with somebody in the same family?” The cast had not done such a thing, but Olajuwon was quick to reveal, “I messed with a mom and her daughter” as the cast reacted in shock. 

On Afterparty, host Keshia Knight Pulliam wanted to know more about Olajuwon’s ‘family time’ encounter and had his wife Katina give Olajuwon a call during the show. 

Olajuwon answered and happily told the story.

Olajuwon shared, “Back in the day my cousin was dating this guy, and he disrespected my cousin and they broke up. So one day I was walking down the street with my cousin and I see the mother of the son. And she told me that the mother likes to act young so I told the mom ‘Oh you look beautiful, you should let me take you out some time.’ And then the mom got a hotel and she gave me sex education classes.”

Keshia then questioned how the mother’s daughter then came into the picture and Olajuwon explained, “See like a month later the daughter was sleeping over [at] my cousin’s house and she knew that I was going to be there. And the night got late so I gave her sex ed the same way the mother gave me sex ed.”

Keshia asked, “So you taught her the same way the mother taught you?” Olajuwon didn’t mince words as he answered, “Absolutely.” 

Olajwuon Dickerson details an awkward car ride with the mom and daughter 

The situation got even messier as Olajuwon revealed, “Two months from the mom and a month from the daughter, the mother reaches out to me and says, ‘Hey, can you pick me up?’ [since] she doesn’t drive. So when I pulled up to the train station she didn’t tell me the daughter was with her.”

Olajuwon continued, “They both get in my car. I try to narrate the whole conversation but I run out of words to talk about. So I just stay quiet and they start talking, laughing, but they both pat me on the shoulder when they get out the car and they tell me that I passed the class.” 

After such an outlandish story, Katina had to take a drink on Afterparty. Time will tell if Olajuwon will share even more wild stories from his past that leave the cast and the audience speechless. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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