Olajuwon and Alyssa spill the unaired tea on honeymoon fight with Lindsey

Olajuwon Dickerson
Olajuwon and Alyssa share more details about the problems they had with Lindsey on the honeymoon. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 14 had the couple’s clashing before their honeymoon could even really begin. 

Blonde Bostonian Lindsey Georgoulis already seemed to be feuding with Alyssa Ellman after their bachelorette party and now, at the start of the honeymoon, she developed beef with Olajuwon and his wife Katina. 

Most of the altercation between Lindsey and Olajuwon was not caught on camera, but Olajuwon and Alyssa both appeared on the Afterparty aftershow and revealed more unaired details about the heated exchange. 

Olajuwon Dickerson reveals what the cameras didn’t catch from the honeymoon fight 

During Afterparty, Olajuwon candidly reflected on the altercation with Lindsey. 

Speaking about what occurred on the plane on their way to their honeymoon, Olajuwon expressed, “I think Lindsey got caught up with the cameras. She felt like ‘I need the spotlight with the cameras.’” 

Olajuwon proceeded to explain that the first time he met Lindsey he had on slippers and Lindsey allegedly told him that he was ‘fly’ but his ‘slippers look cheap.’

Olajuwon shared, “That don’t sit well with me. You don’t know me. You don’t judge anybody or make any comments.” 

Olajuwon chose to let Lindsey’s comment slide and he also shared that he tried to ignore her while she sat behind him on the plane, which he admitted was hard to do due to Lindsey’s alleged rambunctious behavior on the plane. 

Both Olajuwon and Alyssa Ellman shared that a flight attendant allegedly had to come out a couple of times to tell Lindsey to stop yelling, sit down in her seat, and wear a mask.

This all occurred on top of Lindsey seemingly pushing the couples’ to speak Spanish in Puerto Rico which Olajuwon took issue with. Olajuwon expressed, “I just think any adult, you don’t let anybody down talk you and tell you what to speak, definitely when you’re not from that land. So yeah it was very very frustrating.” 

Olajuwon also claimed that when he was walking off the plane, Lindsey yelled that she wanted to fight him which is why Katina was so upset. Olajuwon added that the cameras didn’t catch Katina sternly confronting Lindsey about wanting to fight her husband. 

Lindsey’s husband Mark was also a guest on Afterparty and he admitted that the whole situation was awkward for him since he just met his wife and also just met the couples. Mark revealed that he told Lindsey her behavior is not what he wants in a wife because he doesn’t like conflict and it seemed Lindsey was looking for conflict with Olajuwon. 

Alyssa Ellman airs out her thoughts on Lindsey 

During the first Afterparty a few weeks back, it was revealed that Alyssa and Lindsey had tension after the bachelorette party, so much so that Alyssa blocked Lindsey on social media. 

During the current Afterparty, Alyssa nodded in agreement with Olajuwon’s assessment of Lindsey and praised Olajuwon for how he handled the honeymoon situation. 

Alyssa shared,  “What we have learned is if you kind of ignore eventually it will stop with Lindsey, but there’s a time where you can’t take anymore, and unfortunately we were all on the plane together so it’s not like we could like run away.”

MAFS cast in the past often become close-knit friends but it looks like the Married at First Sight Season 14 cast will be doing more beefing than bonding. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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