MAFS: Noi Phommasak blasts Steve Moy after divorce says she ‘begged’ him to stay

Noi Phommasak says she begged Steve Moy to stay but he wanted a divorce.
Noi Phommasak says Steve Moy wanted the divorce. Pic credit: Lifetime

Things are getting messy between Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy after announcing their divorce over the weekend. Noi shared new information about their split and said she begged Steve to stay, but he said no.

She also claimed that the person we saw on TV is not the same Steve she got to know during their marriage. 

Noi was the first to share the news of their divorce on social media, but she restricted comments on her post. Steve then wrote a lengthy message on Instagram and got a ton of support from viewers. 

The comments about Noi, however, were less than pleasant, so she clapped back and blasted Steve in response.

Noi Phommasak slams Steve Moy after divorce

It’s fair to say that these Married at First Sight stars are not having an amicable divorce after announcing their breakup over the weekend. Noi slammed Steve after getting blamed for their split and noted that there were many things viewers did not see.

During the show, Noi caused a stir among viewers after saying that she wanted to live separately from Steve after the show ended. However, in a recent comment, she said Steve felt that way too.

“To be honest there’s a lot you don’t see, one being that Steve also did not want me to move in, that was not just me refusing to move in,” shared Noi.

“Steve is not the husband you see on TV,” she continued. “That is all I will say and I’m sorry, but this outcome also breaks my heart but it is the truth of what can happen when you marry a stranger on TV.”

MAFS star Noi Phommasak blast Steve Moy after he announces their divorce.
Pic credit: @therealstevemoy/Instagram

Noi Phommasak says she begged Steve Moy to stay

Noi is also refuting the claim that she was the cause of her divorce after we watched their relationship play out last season.

“You asked for the divorce, I BEGGED you to stay and you said – you don’t owe me anything,” wrote Noi under Steve’s Instagram post about their divorce. The Married at First Sight star also slammed Steve for not checking up on her dog, Sushi, after discovering he has cancer.

“During this time you knew I was vulnerable and my heart was breaking outside of this and this is when you said we should divorce,” revealed Noi. “You are not heartbroken, so stop acting like this for everyone else.”

MAFS star Noi Phommasak says she begged Steve Moy to stay but he wanted a divorce.
Pic credit: @therealstevemoy/Instagram

She continued, “You made this choice before involving me in the final decision and you said I was not allowed to talk about it, even though you said you were already seeing other people. Just be honest about your truths and we can both move on peacefully.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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