MAFS: Lindsey Georgoulis shares screenshots from exes sliding into her DMs

Lindsey Georgoulis
Lindsey Georgoulis put her exes on blast to Married at First Sight fans on social media. Pic credit: @asknurselindsey/Instagram

Following along with an apparent social media trend, Married at First Sight Boston alum Lindsey Georgoulis shared screenshots from her exes sliding into her DMs.

Lindsey often likes to flex on her Instagram, and posting herself putting her exes on blast was no different.

While she didn’t name names or state whether any of the messages were from the same ex, Lindsey’s DM reveals were spicy enough.

MAFS viewers watched Lindsey struggle hard in her relationship with her now-ex-husband Mark Maher.

The pair failed to communicate effectively on many levels and there were many instances where low blows were made and offenses were taken.

Most notably, Lindsey had a hot mic moment in which she berated Mark on everything from his skills in bed, to his job, to his family issues. She ended up apologizing for some of the things she said.

Lindsey Georgoulis exposed messages from her exes to MAFS fans

Lindsey shared a video on Instagram that started with a selfie and an introduction that read, “Texts I get from my exes.”

In the caption, she added, “This is the trend right? Welcome to the weekend ladies don’t let those exes slide into your DMs they can be relentless ?‍♀️ #textsfromexes.”

In the video, Lindsey proceeded to share a stream of different messages that she apparently has received from her exes, although she did not reveal any phone numbers, Instagram handles, or identities.

One message read, “Headed to bed …was just thinking of you and hope your doing well ?.”

Another stated, “Lindsey just came back from South America and picked something up for you. When are you back in LA? Can we be friends?”

Another cryptic message commented, “Mess with a shark mess with the shark family.”

A different message asserted, “Cancel those plans and join me.”

Someone else wrote her, “I want you Lindsey and you know what we have is good.”

Lindsey received a message that apologized for disrespecting her and another that declared the person was not lying. Yet another message denoted that the other person was harsh on Lindsey.

While one message simply said, “I want you,” another was more long-winded.

The presumable ex wrote, “You didn’t deserve that and I don’t know if you could sense my apology about it or offering to try to mend things between us but I should have just let you drive down I know we were both yearning for one another and I really miss your crazy a**.”

Lindsey Georgoulis made a prediction about the Season 15 MAFS couples

As Season 15 of MAFS began in San Diego, Lindsey gave a prediction on the outcomes of the relationships after being introduced to the cast during the premiere.

Lindsey thought that three out of the five couples would be successful, with two of them for sure breaking up.

She did not elaborate on which two couples she thought were ill-fated, however.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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