MAFS: Mark accuses Lindsey of ‘worst bullying’ he’s ever experienced and viewers call her a narcissist

Mark Maher on Married at First Sight
Mark Maher and Lindsey Georgoulis’ marriage crashed and burned. Pic credit: Lifetime

Mark and Lindsey had an explosive marriage, and the recent reunion revealed that they also had a messy split.

Sitting on the couch with reunion host Kevin Frazier, Mark and Lindsey announced that they’d gone their separate ways and appeared to have palpable animosity between them still.

Lindsey received an outpouring of backlash online after Mark accused her of being a threatening bully. MAFS viewers also slammed Lindsey, calling her a narcissist after she read a letter all about her ‘Lindsey magic.’

Mark Maher opens up about Lindsey Georgoulis’ alleged bullying

During their time in the hot seat, Mark Maher and Lindsey Georgoulis not only shared that they broke up but that their split was quite nasty. 

Mark alleged that he endured a lot of threatening and bullying from Lindsey during their time away from the cameras, which led him to ask for divorce just a few days after Decision Day. 

In an emotional moment during the reunion, Mark opened up about how he was bullied as a kid, and Lindsey’s bullying was far worse than the bullying he experienced in his childhood.

Lindsey’s low blows and bullying were displayed at the reunion when she bluntly declared that Mark didn’t have intellect. 

With such a rocky end to their marriage, Lindsey and Mark agreed to completely cut contact with one another going forward.

MAFS viewers bash Lindsey Georgoulis’ ‘narcissistic’ letter 

Lindsey read a letter at the reunion that had MAFS viewers appalled as she detailed all the ‘Lindsey magic’ she gave to Mark. 

In Lindsey’s letter, she declared, “I truly believe that I made your life better. I was able to support you with your job loss. I refinished your three-family home and left it in better shape than it’s been in, in years. I cleaned out two generations of clutter. I helped support you during your loss of home and pet and encouraged you to pursue new job opportunities that have you now earning your highest salary of your life. I gave you the ‘Lindsey effect’ and the ‘Lindsey magic.’ I can’t say that my life is better from knowing you, and I don’t think you brought much to the table because you aren’t ‘other-focused.’ I’m glad the magic of Lindsey was given to you and I hope that you can take that and be generous to somebody else because it’s through giving that we actually receive.” 

MAFS viewers took to Twitter to critique Lindsey’s letter and behavior and accuse her of being a narcissist. 

A MAFS viewer wrote, “Lindsey thinks that doing things for people and helping them erases all her negative toxic behavior.” 

Another added, “Lindsey’s M.O is doing good things occasionally for people so she can use that as an excuse for being a psychopathic alcoholic nutball with attachment disorder.” 

One critic wrote, “I can’t with Lindsey, she never admits her part. As a wife/husband, you make that vow to be there for each other no matter what. So everything she’s done for Mark doesn’t seem genuine bc she throws it up every argument.”

Reacting to the letter, a viewer tweeted, “The fact that Lindsey is enumerating what she’s done for him shows she needs to be by herself. Love ain’t keeping score like that. Enjoy doing checks and balances by yourself, sis.”

One viewer suggested Lindsey doesn’t have magic but rather ‘turmoil,’ writing, “Lindsey reading out the 5 things she did fo him!!! She meant the Lindsey Turmoil. sis you ain’t self aware smh.” 

Another wrote, “Jesus not a letter of things I’ve done for you. Narcissism at its peak.” 

A viewer detailed Lindsey’s signs of narcissism, tweeting, “Wow! Just wow! This is an example of narcissism. A narcissist never sees where he or she is at fault. He or she never takes accountability. He or she is always the victim” with another person adding, “Yeah! Fraggle rock p****d me off!! She verbally abused that man and does NOT care!!” 

Married at First Sight viewers had a lot to say about Lindsey after the MAFS reunion part one. What do you think of Lindsey’s ‘magic’ letter? 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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