MAFS: Lindsey Georgoulis reveals she regretted being intimate with Mark Maher on their honeymoon

Lindsey Georgoulis on her wedding day
Lindsey Georgoulis reflects on consummating her marriage with Mark the Shark. Pic credit: Lifetime

Lindsey Georgoulis has butt heads with fellow castmates Alyssa Ellman, Katina Goode, and Olajuwon Dickerson on Married at First Sight Season 14. 

After the most recent episode, Lindsey also butt heads with her husband Mark Maher after a disappointing dinner that was supposed to be romantic. 

While Lindsey and Mark took their relationship to the next level by consummating their marriage, Lindsey revealed that she felt some regret after being intimate with her husband during the honeymoon and she didn’t hold back when airing her thoughts on Afterparty. 

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Lindsey Georgoulis opens up about her frustration with Mark Maher 

As a guest on Afterparty, Lindsey reflected on her honeymoon argument with Mark. 

During their ‘romantic dinner,’ Mark informed Lindsey, “I don’t want to get too, too lovey-dovey because we literally just met and there’s so many things that are going on and it has to flow organically.”

Lindsey was clearly hurt upon learning that Mark wanted to move slower in their relationship and she let him know that if he wanted her to take it down a notch and ‘be less’ then he needed to stop clogging toilets and farting in bed. She also warned Mark that if he wants her to pull back, she’ll pull all the way back and start to treat him like a stranger. 

Lindsey explained where her anger was coming from on Afterparty as she shared, “I was very upset about him. He kept telling me ‘You are going to feel romanced tonight. You have been so good to me, I am gonna blow your mind.’ So he’s built up this great romantic dinner. I just got a complete 180 from him.”

Lindsey continued, “And Mark is pretty intense in the beginning, you know, ‘Do you want me to poop with the door open or close? Be careful I might get poop dust on my underwear.’ Like he was really full-on and I’m like ‘Ok we’re talking about a lot of stuff real early so if you want me to be demure take a note of that too.’”

Despite having her own issues with Lindsey, Katina came to Lindsey’s defense as she shared, “I just want to say in Lindsey’s defense, you just consummated your marriage with him and now you’re telling me ‘let’s pump the brakes.’ Like, too late. We’re not pumping nothing. We already did it.”

Lindsey agreed and admitted, “I was like, ‘I regret that we had sex.’” 

Lindsey reveals she slept with Mark several times before their dinner 

Afterparty host Keshia Knight Pulliam asked Lindsey about the last time she slept with Mark before their dinner conversation.

Lindsey gave a candid answer as she shared that she and Mark were intimate “that morning. And that afternoon. And right before that dinner.”

After sleeping together several times before their dinner conversation, Lindsey expressed, “I was just blindsided by it” later adding, “Like you promised me romance and you didn’t deliver.”

Lindsey and Mark clearly hit a bump in the road on the honeymoon but time will tell if they can get past it and go the distance. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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