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Here’s how viewers reacted to Married at First Sight’s juicy new after show and host Keshia Knight Pulliam

Keshia Knight Pulliam in a crown
Married at First Sight viewers weigh in on Keshia Knight Pulliam’s hosting performance. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 14 introduced a new season for the franchise as well as an all-new after-show. 

With Jamie Otis and Unfiltered out, Monsters & Critics previously reported that actress Keshia Knight Pulliam would be taking over to host the new after-show Married at First Sight: Afterparty. 

Keshia made her hosting debut after the MAFS Season 14 premiere and viewers have responded positively to the new host and all the tea that was spilled during the episode. 

MAFS viewers point out the difference between Afterparty and Unfiltered 

Keshia Knight Pulliam is a famous actress who became America’s sweetheart as a child when she played the iconic Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show.

However, on top of being an actress, Keshia is a long-time fan of the Married at First Sight franchise and her excitement about being a part of the MAFS family was evident during the first episode of Afterparty. 

While some MAFS viewers thought Afterparty would just be the same unnecessary rehashing of Unfiltered, there is some standout difference that fans noticed. 

During MAFS Afterparty, the cast and Keshia enjoy alcoholic beverages and they seem to spill a lot more tea which has some fans enjoying this new aftershow more than Unfiltered. 

One MAFS viewer noted, “Y’all MAFS Afterparty is better than Unfiltered and they spilling the tea.” 

The Aftershow episode featured MAFS Season 14 brides, Jasmina, Katina, and Lindsey and the three didn’t hold back in airing out behind-the-scenes drama. Lindsey revealed her beef with fellow bride Alyssa Ellman and announced that Alyssa blocked her after the Bachelorette party. 

Jasmina was quick to clarify that Alyssa had a valid reason to block Lindsey because Lindsey was bashing Alyssa at the party. 

With all the drama and shade being unleashed one MAFS fan noted, “Afterparty is definitely different than Unfiltered.” 

MAFS viewers compare Keshia Knight Pulliam to former host Jamie Otis 

Some MAFS viewers were fond of Jamie Otis as host, but many were eager to see a fresh face take on the hosting role.

Keshia Knight Pulliam’s hosting performance was well-received with one MAFS fan writing, “Jamie Otis ain’t never give us no tea like this…Yessssss Mrs. Keshia!” 

Another MAFS viewer speculated that the after-show only changed its name to spare Jamie Otis’ feelings but appreciated Keshia as the new host. The tweet read, “Them slapping #Afterparty on #Unfiltered seems unnecessary but maybe they thought it would spare Jamie’s feelings a little. Anyway they sure got down to business tonight. I like Keshia as host as well.” 

Tweet about keshia
Pic credit: @ModelGenius/Twitter

What do you think of Keshia Knight Pulliam’s hosting debut? 

Married at First Sight Season 14 airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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  1. I was not impressed with Keshia, over Jaime. I actually thought Jaime’s conversations seemed a bit more natural (less staged). She made the same “roll the clip” comments that my husband disliked (he’s been involved in all forms of media). Where I would rate her better is her introduction to the show and back to the show after commercials, when she was more subdued, while Jaime was very exhuberant. Other than that, I though Jaime handled it better. I think I’ll miss Jaime’s bubbly personality and enthusiasm, to be honest. She said it was her dream job, and it came across that she loved what she was doing and gave it her all. I’d LOVE to see Jaime come back!

  2. Jamie was a natural! This woman lost control & was boring.

    When is Jamie coming back? Was a dumb
    decision. Starting to expect this from this show!

  3. The script Keisha was reading was EXACTLY the same as when Jamie hosted. They just slapped a new name on the same show and added drinks.

  4. Seems the new MAFS ads, are focused on “drama” and this new aftershow on “the tea”… but seriously, I watch the show to see real relationships develop. The last few seasons have been a disappointment and seem obviously designed or edited for drama. If I wanted drama I’d watch The Bachelor. I liked Jamie because she had real perspective as a former participant. I don’t know… I may be done with this show. Keisha did a good job… but I definitely get the “… okay, spill it!” vibe, and that’s not my thing.

    • She filled us in on the reason behind the tradition of jumping the broom, which I found to be interesting – and heartbreaking. I remember reading that slave owners were not allowed to teach their slaves to read because they were not considered human, but never knew they could not be married. It’s heartbreaking and so wrong. More than a century and a half later, and there’s still people who judge people by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character…

      • Yes, it was interesting to learn I agree. However, I feel it is the wrong show to learn about it. And why do we need cocktails? Many I have spoken to feel that the show has been ruined. Not sure why?

      • I agree that it was interesting to learn. However, not the right platform. I also do not support cocktails during a talk show. That’s just my personal opinion. Not many will agree with me.

  5. Did not like the fact that she brought the subject of slaves, this was not the show to bring it up. If I was sitting there it would absolutely make me feel very uncomfortable. I also didn’t like how she took so long to interview Mark. Mark sat there for 18 minutes before she interviewed him. Jamie gave each person the same amount of time. I noticed she talked more to the women than she did with Mark.

  6. Why have a host that hasn’t experienced the whole MAFS process. It’s not a good mix. If we must change hosts, bring in one if the women that was on the show. I’m not liking this change one bit.

  7. While Keisha seems like a nice lady, I totally miss Jamie. I loved that she is an actual Married at First Sight wife and was sooo enthusiastic and down to earth. She knew the questions to ask since she had experienced it herself. I just don’t think Keisha makes the best host for this show. I do love that they chose a black woman, but rather than choosing an actress.should have chosen a cast member from the show to host.

  8. I think her voice gets high pitched, almost like baby talk, which I find annoying, but the content of what she says is fine. The drinks seem lame to me, like a waste of tV time, no don’t really see the point.

  9. I absolutely love Keisha Knight Pulliam as the host of MAFS unfiltered After-party! Keisha is definitely a breath of fresh air for this show and she makes me look forward to catching up on the tea at the after party. Keisha does an excellent job engaging the cast members, asking direct, tactful questions that get to the root of what is going on and facilitating the conversation! Excellent choice of Keisha as the new host! Her tone and manner is introspective, caring, fun and pleasant! Keisha is definitely a better host than Jamie. It was time for a change. Great job mafs on choosing Keisha as the new host!👍 Plus she’s beautiful and no stranger to the media world.👏

  10. sooooo boring without Jamie. Keisha seems nice, but the fan gril approach is horrible. Jamie had real input because she lived through it. It seem so much more scripted and fake now. And the cocktail aspect is so patheiic and contrived. Can barely stand to watch it…it is not improving.

  11. I think they should bring Jamie back at least she was on married at first sight so she kind of knows how it feels and what these people are going through.


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