MAFS: Kevin Frazier hints at new drama between Johnny and Bao during the reunion

MAFS Bao looks upset at the reunion.
MAFS Bao is clearly upset at the reunion. Pic credit: Lifetime

While it may seem like a Decision Day “no” would be the end of a marriage and all the drama that goes along with it, as we’ve seen, that is not always the case for all the Married at First Sight couples. And it looks like Bao Haung and Johnny Lam are no exception, as host Kevin Frazier promises the Reunion Special has even more in store for this couple.

Kevin’s cryptic comment regarding MAFS couple Bao and Johnny

What happens on MAFS stays on MAFS, until the Reunion Special that is, and then all bets are off.

According to the upcoming Reunion Special trailer, things are about to get real for the Season 13 couples as secrets are revealed and ex-spouses reunite for the first time since Decision Day.

Bao and Johnny started off as the Season 13 golden couple…until they weren’t. The honeymoon for these two, ended before they even left the honeymoon.

Decision Day held a bit of a turnaround as the once soft-spoken Bao, firmly told Johnny “no” while Johnny who had appeared to have one foot out the door the entire season, said “yes.”

But apparently, the surprises for this couple don’t end there, according to the Reunion Special host, Kevin Frazier.

The official MAFS Lifetime Twitter page posted a comment from a fan who said they couldn’t wait for the reunion special. The post got a lot of fans talking and the comments started rolling in.

After a few comments were made between Kevin and a fan about the trailer reveal of Gil Cuero crying and leaving the set, the conversation circled around to Bao and Johnny.

The fan commented that they were proud of the couple and Kevin replied with a cryptic comment of “Oh just wait..”

MAFS Kevin Frazier hints at drama between Bao and Johnny.
Pic credit: @MAFSLifetime/Twitter

Johnny’s little secret

The Reunion Special sneak peek revealed Kevin asking Johnny directly if he was still in love with Bao. While Johnny hesitated, Bao jumped in and replied “say it.”

Say what? That he was still in love with Bao? That he had struck up a relationship with the infamous Sarah, Bao’s alleged “friend” who had talked badly about her to Johnny behind her back? That he and Myrla had struck up a romance? Yes, that is even hinted at in the Reunion Special too!

Kevin asks Myrla directly if she and Johnny are just friends, and while Myrla nods, Johnny shrugs.

With so many unanswered questions, we need answers. And according to host Kevin Frazier, we will get them and more, during the Reunion Special.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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2 years ago

I still say he thought he was better than her. Why would he see her friend??? Why would her friend talk badly about her?? She made the right decision and she will meet someone worthy of her!!!

2 years ago

Johnny is just horrible (and miserable). They guy is never happy – he’s always lamenting over something or expressing his unhappiness. He’s nothing but negative energy. Thank goodness Bao left.