MAFS: Jasmina Outar claps back at critic over photoshop accusation

Jasmina Outar
Jasmina Outar slammed a MAFS critic who claimed she used photoshop on a recent picture. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Boston star Jasmina Outar is known for always speaking her mind and delivering concise thoughts on how she feels. Both of these traits were present in a clap-back she gave a critic who said she photoshopped her recent photo.

Jasmina posted a stunning photo someone took of her in a restaurant setting where her features looked chiseled and fierce. When someone in the comments of her photo attributed her beauty to photoshop, she trolled them right back by telling them to get a life in so many words.

Season 14 of MAFS just concluded all its episodes, leaving viewers with two out of five successful marriages.

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Jasmina and Michael Morency said yes on Decision Day but split a short time later, and their breakup was discussed at the Reunion.

Jasmina Outar slammed a MAFS critic who said she used photoshop

Jasmina posted a photo of herself on Instagram where she sat at a restaurant table on a rooftop with a drink and plate of oysters in front of her.

Her features looked defined and polished in the photo she shared with her more than 22k followers.

In the comments, Jasmina received praise and even a request from a fan that she give makeup tutorials.

In that comment thread, one of Jasmina’s haters commented, “It’s called photoshop!”

Jasmina clapped back, “It’s called I’m bored on a Wednesday night and have nothing better to do so ima comment under someone’s pic from a fake page.”

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Pic credit: @jas_mi_na/Instagram

Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency came to an understanding after their split

During the Where Are They Now? segment of MAFS, the Season 14 gang headed to The Cape of Massachusettes for a weekend getaway altogether.

At the shared vacation house, Jasmina and Michael sat down together to hash things out after leaving things badly at the Reunion and not speaking after.

Michael and Jasmina would not take ownership of what the other saw as the problem, but they both agreed to disagree so they could be cordial to one another going forward. Their awkward tension appeared to be relieved.

During the Reunion, the experts warned Jasmina that she would regret letting Michael go because he was the perfect match for her.

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, July 6, on Lifetime.

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