MAFS Jamie Otis teases ‘good news’ — Could it be baby number three?

MAFS Jamie Otis looks surprised
MAFS Jamie Otis might have some “big news” Pic credit: Lifetime

There has been a lot of talk in the Otis-Hehner household about a hopeful third addition to their family and from Jamie’s recent Instagram post, it seems that dream might have become a reality.

It’s been a tough year for MAFS’ first family so a bit of good news is a great thing for Jamie, Doug and their kids.

Jamie reveals she has some ‘big news’ to share with fans

Jamie Otis posted a picture to her Instagram with a caption announcing the family had some “big news” to share. Jamie went on to say they were waiting for things to be “confirmed” but that she was pretty sure they would be sharing some “good news” with fans soon!

The picture featured Jamie, her husband Doug, and their two children posing for pictures together, giving the impression it was definitely a family announcement.

As Jamie has had ongoing struggles with fertility issues, including several miscarriages, it would make sense for her to wait until there was confirmation before sharing the news with fans.

Pic credit:@jamienotis/Instagram

The ongoing third baby saga

While this is the most recent thing fans have heard about there being a possible third baby in the family’s future, it is certainly not the first time they have heard about it.

Jamie posted to her Instagram several months back, an inconclusive pregnancy test, saying that she would be taking another one the following day, but that she and her MAFS hubby Doug, had definitely been trying for a third baby.

The next morning’s results brought a negative but Jamie and Doug said they were committed to continuing to try and would not give up. That was, until their marriage hit its rockiest patch yet.

While the couple did not exactly start off as a success story, with Jamie literally falling to the floor in tears following her wedding to Doug, convinced she had made the worst mistake of her life, the two ended up with a surprise happily ever after. The couple said “yes” on Decision Day and have spent the last seven years building a life and family.

Then recently, disaster struck as the two admitted on the MAFS Couple’s Cam that they were attending therapy and their marriage might be in trouble. Between allegations of infidelity and tearful exchanges, the quest for baby number three, took a backseat so the two could work on their marriage.

But after months in therapy, recent accounts report Doug and Jamie’s marriage back on track, and perhaps there will be a new baby to celebrate the new start to their marriage.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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