MAFS: Jamie Otis teases she and husband Doug might be expecting baby number three

Jamie and Doug Hehner pose with their new baby
Jamie and Doug smile happily holding their first baby, Henley Pic credit: Lifetime

Could it be…and then there were three? Jamie Otis revealed that she could be pregnant with the couple’s third child.

Married at First Sight OG Jamie posted a teaser on Instagram revealing the couple had actually been secretly trying for baby number three for about 6.5 months at this point.

Maybe baby?

Jamie revealed she had taken a pregnancy test but that the results had been inconclusive. “I guess that’s what ya get for dollar store pregnancy tests” she joked as she posted pictures of the inconclusive results. Jamie went on to say she would be trying again the following morning to see if she could get a definite yes or no.

Jamie admitted that she would not usually be so hopeful this early on in trying, as their second child, their son Hendrix, had taken 18 months to conceive and they had only been currently trying for a little over 6 months.

Jamie confessed that the reason for her high hopes actually lies in a reading she received from a psychic she interviewed recently on her and husband Doug’s, podcast, Hot Marriage. Cool Parents.

Written in the stars

The psychic revealed that she felt Jamie and Doug would be both in a new home and pregnant by July and since that is only a few short days away… Jamie said she has high hopes that baby number three is ready and waiting to be revealed.

Jamie goes on to admit that Father’s Day was her most fertile day, saying she hopes it’s not “TMI” for her fans, but that she and hubby Doug might have made a belated Father’s Day gift.

TMI? For a Married At First Sight Couple? There’s no such thing, Jamie.

Jamie Otis is considered one of the Married At First Sight OGs. She and her husband Doug were on the very first season, which aired on the FYI network all the way back in 2014. Jamie now hosts several of the Follow-Up, Hall of Fame, and the Couples Cam episodes for the series and often meets up with the new couples from each season.

Since the couple’s marriage, at first sight, the couple has remained happily married and are now the proud parents of a three-year-old daughter, Henley, and their son Hendrix, who they welcomed just one year ago. And maybe, just maybe… one more?

To be continued…

It is still TBD whether Jamie Otis and Doug will be welcoming baby number three in time for their psychic’s reading to come true, but hopefully, the morning will bring a new pregnancy test, with clearer results. Baby number three? We will see…

Married at First Sight Couples Cam airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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