MAFS: Jacob Harder jumps in the Chris Williams drama, wants to call Maury

MAFS Jacob Harder looks lost
MAFS Jacob Harder is confused by his costars. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Sight Season 12’s Jacob Harder had a little advice for his former costar Chris Williams in response to Chris’ recent blast of shocking social media disclosures.

Jacob fires at Chris, says someone should ‘call Maury’

Jacob Harder has had his fair share of MAFS costar drama, and he doesn’t seem to shy away from stirring the social media pot. So it is no surprise that Jacob had something to say in response to Chris’ recent string of Instagram posts.

Chris revealed that his ex-fiance Mercedes was never really pregnant and claimed that she had faked the entire thing to get back at him.

Jacob immediately commented on Chris’ post, joking that someone should call Maury to get to the bottom of the situation.

While it is clearly a joke, it is also somewhat of a jab at Chris, as his situation and the drama around it is beginning to be reminiscent of a chaos-filled Maury episode.

Jacob adds some laughing emojis to the end of his comment to make sure the joke lands.

MAFS Jacob replies to costar Chris Williams, tells him to call Maury
Pic credit:@chriswilliamsii/Instagram

Jacob Harder vs. Chris Williams

Jacob’s recent social media comment on Chris’ post is not the first time Chris and Jacob have butted heads.

During the reunion special, when asked what Jacob, as a fellow MAFS husband, thought of costar Chris Williams’ behavior during the season, Jacob didn’t hold back. Jacob said that Chris had “fundamentally screwed up in so many ways” during the marriage, and with that, shots were fired.

Chris went on a social media rant (yes, another one) following the explosive reunion special where he called out several of his former costars. However, he claimed he would “spare Jacob,” although he had dirt on him allegedly provided by Jacob’s exes.

Jacob fired back with a video making fun of Chris and saying he most likely just wanted a few more minutes of the spotlight. The fighting over social media continued with Chris commenting back and Jacob making more mocking videos. Finally, the fight escalated in Jacob challenging Chris to a boxing match, offering for them to “both get paid to punch each other in the face.”

Chris agreed to the fight on the condition that the ring that sponsored it paid them six figures. Unsurprisingly that never happened, but the beef between the two former costars remained.

So it is unsurprising to see Jacob yet again stirring the pot in Chris’ comments.

Will this blow reignite the battle royale between these two? With the intensity of Chris’ last round of social media blasts, we feel certain Jacob will get a response.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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