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Chris Williams from MAFS drops bombshell: Claims his ex-fiancee was never really pregnant

MAFS Chris Williams smiles
Chris Williams love dropping bombshells. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 12’s “king of chaos” Chris Williams is back and dropping more social media bombshells.

Chris Williams claims that his ex-fiance, Mercedes, who had revealed her pregnancy during filming for MAFS Season 12, was never really pregnant, to begin with.

Chris claims Mercedes was never pregnant

In an explosive social media post, Chris Williams revealed that his ex-fiance, Mercedes, was never pregnant at all.

Chris goes on in a lengthy caption to explain that Mercedes had lied to him about being pregnant and that she had made it all up just to get back at him. He claims that she took a “dummy” pregnancy test and sent the video of it to him as proof of her pregnancy.

In case you were wondering what a “dummy pregnancy test” was, Chris explained in the caption that it was a test that would turn positive no matter what liquid was put on it. So, he explained, the video Mercedes sent him as proof was a lie.

He goes on to say that she also faked her subsequent miscarriage and that the ER report he had seen the day she went to the hospital only listed “high blood pressure” as the reason for her being seen and said nothing about a miscarriage.

Chris claims he lost over $10,000 in paying for items for the upcoming baby and that the expensive car he bought Mercedes, she kept. Chris feels it was all part of an elaborate plan on Mercedes’s part and that in talking to some of her exes, this wasn’t the first time she had tried to pull something similar.

MAFS Chris Williams reveals his ex lied to him
Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram
MAFS Chris Williams tells the whole story
Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram

Chris’s pregnancy scandal causes a stir

While we aren’t sure it was the “biggest breaking news” in the history of the show or on reality TV this year, the reveal that Chris’s very recent ex-fiancee was pregnant did cause quite a stir in the MAFS community.

But the pregnancy news was just the beginning of the drama as not only did Chris get back with his ex, he brought her on the show to meet his new wife, Paige Banks. As if that wasn’t enough insult to injury, Chris even claimed he bought his ex a brand new luxury car, which caused fans to light up the fan boards and social media.

It was a new one for MAFS for sure, but the saga was far from over. Chris then announced his ex had suffered a miscarriage and that he might not be getting back with her after all. After that, he ping-ponged between Paige and his ex before finally submitting to his current wife Paige’s decision to call it quits on Decision Day.

Chris is no stranger to causing a stir on social media, so it is no surprise that this news was dropped via Instagram. But the real question is will this be the last installment in the miniseries that is Chris William’s life, or will there be more episodes to come?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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