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MAFS fans celebrate the end of Chris and Alyssa’s marriage, proud of how Chris handled himself

Chris Collette and Alyssa Ellman
Chris Collette and Alyssa Ellman’s marriage comes to an abrupt end. Pic credit: Lifetime

Decision Day came early for Chris Collette and Alyssa Ellman, and Chris made Married at First Sight viewers rejoice when he decided to divorce Alyssa Ellman. 

After realizing Alyssa had no real interest in making their marriage work long term, Chris wisely opted not to drag out “the experience” and ended his marriage with Alyssa shortly after the honeymoon. 

In the past, MAFS spouses have often tried to stick it out with matches that clearly were not compatible nor healthy for them, so MAFS viewers were thrilled when Chris stood up for himself and refused to put up with Alyssa’s cold treatment and gaslighting any longer. 

Married at First Sight fans celebrate Chris and Alyssa’s divorce 

MAFS fans took to social media in droves to express praise for Chris and to celebrate no longer having to watch Alyssa Ellman complain and demand she’s a good person.

One Married at First Sight viewer wrote, “I am so happy Chris divorced Alyssa Finally!!”

Another MAFS viewer gave Chris a standing ovation after he told Alyssa, “This is my Decision Day…I want a divorce.”

A MAFS fan celebrated the divorce and Chris’ handling of the situation by writing, “Alyssa walked in that apartment ready to lie and buy herself some more time but Chris said I got something for that a**!” 

 MAFS viewers praise Chris for standing his ground 

Chris Collette has been feeling the love after his decision to divorce Alyssa, as MAFS viewers express feeling proud of him. 

One MAFS fan shared a photo of Chris smiling on the show and made a reference to Paige Banks from Married at First Sight Season 12, writing, “Look how much happier Chris is after cutting off the deadweight that was Alyssa. He did what Paige couldn’t.” 

Another MAFS fan shared, “My boy Chris finally stood up for himself and gave Alyssa the L. I have never been prouder lol.”

One MAFS viewer gave Chris kudos, writing, “Alyssa goes from crying to making this face when he correctly calls her out. Good riddance!!! Bravo Chris for dumping her and choosing yourself.” 

Now that Chris and Alyssa have divorced it seems Chris won’t be as involved with this season of the show, and one viewer sent him a farewell message writing, “We will miss seeing you Chris. You were exemplary in how you handled the treatment you received from Alyssa.” 

As Chris closes his brief chapter on Married at First Sight, it’s clear he has a lot of supporters in his corner. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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  1. That woman needs professional help, she was rude to him and just lied about how he acted. She needs help. Pls have him back on the show with another nice lady..
    The other girl was talking about his looks well girl look in the mirror, your nothing to look at yourself.

  2. I clapped when he made his decision and finally stuck up for himself! She is a horrible, self centered woman. Someone who is a genuinely good person does not need to tell people over and over that they are , period. She is gonna have a rough time in her personal life after showing what a nasty person she is. Good luck to her finding a man that has seen her true colors. If she was that nasty on public television, I can only imagine how horrible she is in real life. He deserves a re-do on this show, or give him one of his own. Any woman would be lucky to have him as a partner!

  3. He was a breathe of fresh air. He brought the misery to and end and sent the FAKE Alyssa packing. So proud of him. He saw through ger games, mean spiritedness and her disrespect both in her treatment towards him and the show.


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