MAFS Couples Cam exclusive: Karen and Miles share the interesting way they decided where to vacation

Miles Williams and Karen Landry on Married at First Sight Couples Cam
Miles and Karen have an interesting method for picking their vacation destination. Pic credit: Lifetime

Karen and Miles surprised all the naysayers when they not only stayed together on Decision Day but continued on with their love story long after their Married at First Sight season in New Orleans concluded.

Now, they are sharing their love story on MAFS Couples Cam and in this exclusive sneak peek, they give an inside look into their dynamic and also, the interesting way they chose their next vacation destination.

In the video (seen below), we get to see Karen and Miles relaxing in their living room while Karen explains that they are headed out for a trip together and they want it to be a memorable one.

Their deal was that Karen would pick three possible vacation destinations, do the research on all of them and present it to Miles. From there, he would make the final decision on where they are going to visit.

Karen chose Costa Rica, Brazil and Hawaii as the three possible locations. And with choices like that, there’s no way that Miles could have picked wrong.

To find out where Karen and Miles are going, be sure to check out the exclusive clip below and tune in tonight to see what else they’ve been up to recently.

Married at First Sight Couples Cam airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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