MAFS: Clara Berghaus claps back at commenter who chided her for making fun of marriage

Clara Berghaus
Clara Berghaus had a message for the Boston couples on Decision Day. Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

Married at First Sight Season 14 was quite a rollercoaster and culminated in a surprising finale that left viewers and MAFS alumni buzzing.

Clara Berghaus had a message for the Boston couples as she wished them a “happy Decision Day.”

Some followers took issue with Clara’s take on marriage in her post, but Clara stood by her perspective.

Clara Berghaus receives backlash for ‘marriage is like pancakes’ video

Clara Berghaus took to Instagram to share a video addressing Decision Day for the Married at First Sight Season 14 couples. 

Giving the couples a reminder, Clara mouthed, “Marriages are like pancakes. No shame in throwing the first one out.” 

Clara captioned the post, “Happy #MAFS Decision Day to all those who celebrate ? Congrats to the Boston couples for making it through-y’all took a hell of a leap of faith and deserve the happiest of endings regardless of how tonight goes!#marriedatfirstsight #mafsboston #marriage #divorce #decisionday.”

While many loved Clara’s post and were amused by the pancake comparison, others felt Clara’s video was in poor taste and took to the comment section to voice their disapproval. 

A commenter shared a lengthy message telling Clara, “Clare, that’s not a good thing to be suggesting to young women who ‘follow you.’ Marriage is a sacred connection, it’s not meant to be ‘thrown out.’ I understand if that doesn’t work, but it does take two committed partners, so couples should try to make it work, whenever possible.” 

Clara responded to the commenter and defended her stance, writing, “personally I think divorce is 100% a better option than staying in a marriage where you’re unloved and under valued and told that nothing you do will ever be good enough for them but that’s just me.” 

Clara Berghaus' comment section
Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

Another comment found Clara’s video disappointing, commenting, “What a sad video! It’s sad that marriage has become ‘like pancakes…”

However, MAFS alum AJ Vollomoeller found Clara’s video “Hilarious.” 

Clara Berghaus' comment section
Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

MAFS star Rachel Gordillo laughs at Clara Berghuas’ video 

Other comments under Clara Berghaus’ post were more lighthearted and amusing. 

Married at First Sight Season 13 star Rachel Gordillo commented with three laughing emojis and Clara replied, “the girls who get it get it.” 

Rachel and Clara had similar situations in that they both said yes to their MAFS husbands on Decision Day, only to divorce shortly after. 

Clara Berghaus' comment section
Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

Clara also joked that her “new standard for husband #2” is that they will enjoy watching her eat a whole box of donuts, as Clara became the “donut queen” after her season of MAFS. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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