MAFS: Chris Williams teases live counseling session with relationship expert after his disastrous marriage

Chris Williams poses for a picture post wedding
MAFS Season 12’s Chris Williams couldn’t even force a smile post wedding. Pic credit: Lifetime

Fans watched in horror as MAFS Season 12’s Chris Williams took his marriage to then-wife Paige Banks from bad, to worse, to complete catastrophe.

But Paige wasn’t the only member of the cast or crew Chris treated badly. From yelling at other couples, to being late to meetings with the relationship experts, to being blatantly rude to Dr. Viviana on Decision Day, Chris Williams definitely knew how to leave an impression, and not a positive one.

Well, now Season 12’s notorious “bad boy” is back, with a released teaser for a live counseling session with yet another relationship expert. I wonder if he will do any better with this one?

Chris releases teaser for live counseling session on his Instagram

Chris Williams released on his Instagram the teaser for the live counseling session he had with the famed relationship counselor, Love McPherson.

The session in its entirety will be released via Youtube on June 23 at 8/7c.

Fans and critics alike have begun speculating what secrets might be revealed in the session. Could there be more to the unfolding saga of Chris Williams? Will additional information about his background or even his mental health be revealed?

What we know about the soon to be released session

Chris’s soon-to-be-released counseling session is with the famed relationship counselor, Love McPherson, who has been featured on everything from Real Housewives to People Magazine.

McPherson has been in the relationship counseling business for over 11 years and is known to specialize in racial trauma and how it can affect relationships. The segment is titled “No More Elephants In the Room” which has fans wondering if additional secrets about Chris’s relationship with Paige, or events that may have happened off-camera, will be revealed.

It will be interesting to see just what Love McPherson will be able to uncover about Chris.

What was Chris’s deal anyway?

Throughout the MAFS season, there was an ongoing debate over Chris Williams’ mental state. Was he a raging narcissist? A person with anger management issues? Did he have underlying mental health issues that could be driving some of his erratic and unpredictable behavior?

It would certainly explain some of his bizarre choices throughout the show. From his outbursts at other couples to his desire to have his pregnant ex-fiancée and his then-wife, Paige, meet, Chris kept fans and experts alike always guessing.

Chris continued to waver on his commitment to both his marriage and his feelings for Paige for the entirety of the show, and although the marriage eventually culminated in the couple’s divorce, there are still ongoing reports of Chris keeping tabs on Paige, post-divorce.

But by the end of MAFS Season 12, Chris’s relationship with Paige wasn’t the only one on the rocks. Even Chris’s relationship with the show’s own experts was no longer a positive one.

From being 45 minutes late to one of his meetings with Pastor Cal to, completely missing his session with Dr. Pepper, from mouthing off to Dr. Viviana, and to the six hours of back and forth with all three experts on Decision Day, he certainly did not make things easy on them. By the end of the season, to say the experts were ready to wash their hands of Chris would be an understatement.

But, while Chris’s track record with the MAFS relationship experts, was less than stellar, perhaps a new therapist unrelated to the show, can bring some light to the problems Chris experienced in his personal life, and his marriage.

I think we can all agree, that any type of counseling will be beneficial to Chris, as it seems he could certainly use the help. So here’s hoping the session not only gives fans but also Chris himself, some insight into what exactly makes Chris Williams tick.

Married at First Sight returns on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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