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MAFS: Chris Williams posts proof that he and Paige Banks are still married

Paige Banks smiles in her wedding dress
MAFS’ Paige Banks smiles in her wedding dress Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s the relationship that just won’t end! Chris Williams posted proof today that he and Paige Banks … are still legally married!

Chris Williams shocks fans with the news he and Paige Banks are still legally married

Chris posted a picture of newly signed divorce papers with a caption stating it was his third time signing them and that he was told they were going to be filed back in May. Chris said it turned out they had not been, so he and Paige Banks have decided to file the divorce paperwork themselves. Chris almost immediately took the post down but not before some fans had a chance to see it.

The news certainly comes as a shock to fans as Chris and Paige were one of the first couples of their Season 12 group to call it quits. The two struggled as early as their wedding day when Chris revealed to Paige he was fresh out of not just another relationship, but another engagement.

Many MAFS fans felt the couple were doomed from the start

Chris acquired his title as the “Season 12 bad boy” early in the season after revealing to his new bride, shortly after consummating their marriage, that he was not physically attracted to her.

Things just got worse from there as Chris’s ex-fiance soon revealed she was pregnant and Chris left his new bride, in order to go back to his now pregnant ex. Things did not look good for the couple as Paige moved into the couple’s shared apartment on her own and continued to try to understand what was happening with her now absent new husband.

Paige and Chris continued to go back and forth on ending the marriage until finally after a seven-hour long debate on Decision Day, the couple decided to go their separate ways … or did they?

Chris Williams and Paige Banks divorce papers signed by Chris
Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram

Whether the lack of filing was just a simple oversight, or another maneuver by Chris Williams to keep the couple married a little longer, who’s to say? Although, Chris does joke in the comments about how Paige had not signed the papers and that maybe he “manipulated” her not to sign them.

Chris and Paige’s relationship has been tumultuous from the start

Chris is referring to the fact that many fans felt that he had manipulated Paige throughout their marriage, by telling her one thing — for example that he wanted to be with her — then acting a different way, like disappearing for weeks at a time and never moving into their shared apartment. Chris seemed to have a difficult time deciding whether or not to stay married and commit to Paige, or to continue his relationship with his ex fiance. Chris even went so far as to have the two meet in person on the show.

But ultimately it seemed the two had too many differences and with Chris’s previous engagement still a looming issue in his life, it seemed the two were doomed for failure from the start.

But that didn’t stop the couple from trying. The two continued to work with the experts, and have meetups and attempted reconciliations throughout the season. When offered the out of an early divorce, neither seemed to want to take it, and even Decision Day brought some serious indecision from the couple. Following that, Chris and Paige even admitted to seeking counseling together after the show’s finale.

It has definitely been a long and difficult journey for the couple, but maybe this will be the final chapter in the novel that is the Paige and Chris story. Hopefully the third divorce attempt will be the charm, as it seems like the only thing left is for Paige to sign the divorce papers.

So I think fans and experts alike will join us in saying … get this girl a pen!

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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