MAFS: Chris Williams and Paige Banks admit to going to counseling following Decision Day

Chris reveals that he and Paige sought out counseling after their very intense Decision Day Pic credit: Lifetime

Just when you thought the trials and tribulations were over between Chris Williams and Paige Banks, don’t hold your breath as even more messiness is set to be revealed at this season’s reunion.

Only days after getting Married at First Sight, Chris dropped the bombshell that his ex-fiancee was expecting his child. Despite this, Paige was committed to the process and it took about a month before the couple actually called it quits.

Despite initially telling the experts they were “undecided” on Decision Day, Chris and Paige admitted to seeking counseling following the events that occurred during the season finale.

Chris and Paige admit to going to counseling following Decision Day

In a sneak peek obtained by US Weekly, it’s clear fans aren’t going to be so happy with Paige after watching the reunion.

During the highly anticipated special, host Kevin Frazier asked the exes whether this was the first time they’ve seen each other since filming wrapped.

After taking a deep breath, Chris revealed, “We did go through some counseling to reconcile and figure things out.”

“I felt like if we can reconcile and make it past this, I felt like getting someone who is a third-party mediator [would] be able to assist us,” the 27-year-old entrepreneur continued.

After Paige confirmed they had considered moving in together for a moment after Decision Day, she admitted they were no longer together.

“The only reason we are not together now is that Chris Williams II is immature and I am not deserving of a woman of her caliber at this point in my life,” Chris added.

“So if you could, would you be with Paige?” Kevin asked.

While Chris didn’t want to get into that subject, Paige stepped in and said she ultimately didn’t feel they were meant for each other.

Chris revealed another bombshell in front of the experts

Most fans thought they knew how Decision Day would happen between Chris and Paige, but no one expected it to unfold how it did.

While Paige came into Decision Day with her mind basically made up, Chris decided to end the process with another bombshell.

He revealed that his ex-fiancee suffered a miscarriage and admitted that he had some regrets about the process, Chris definitely made the moment even more difficult for his estranged wife.

Since the season finale, his ex-fiancee has also spoken out and addressed all the haters questioning the legitimacy of her pregnancy.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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