MAFS Atlanta: Vincent reveals to Briana that he feels belittled at times

Briana is realizing that her husband Vincent is more sensitive than she is. Pic credit: Lifetime

While this season of Married at First Sight is seeing a lot more drama than most seasons, Vincent Morales and Briana Morris are embodying what fans do want to see– a successful match.

After questionnaires, intensive background checks, and forensic searches, fans tune in to see whether the experts can accurately match singles on the new take on arranged marriage.

Vincent and Briana displayed immediate chemistry on their wedding day and it only continued as they further established their connection while on their honeymoon in Vegas.

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Vincent and Brianna had one of the strongest starts out of all the new couples

While on their getaway, Vincent gets a worried call from home informing him that his grandmother was in the hospital after suffering a stroke.

In that moment of stress, Briana proved to Vincent that she could be a supportive partner and it definitely led to building trust as a new couple.

With a solid emotional foundation built, they became the second couple to consummate their marriage following Chris and Paige.

Vincent decides he needs a break from their mutual apartment

When talking to Pastor Cal, Vincent admits he and Briana have different styles when it comes to communication.

Her approach is definitely more direct, while Vincent accepts that he would rather beat around the bush. While being direct can be a great quality, Vincent admits he doesn’t always like the tone she uses.

Briana’s family warned Vincent that she was bossy, and he’s starting to feel what they meant. Although this couple had one of the strongest starts, the cracks are starting to show.

Vincent has proven to be patient, however, a few of Briana’s ‘smart comments’ seemed to have gotten under his skin. After a long day of moving, Vincent ultimately asked Briana to show him some respect.

“Sometimes you belittle me and I don’t like that,” he told her. “I don’t think I’m going to tolerate when someone is putting me down.”

In her confessional with producers, she admitted, “I do say smart comments, but usually, it’s in a joking matter. He’s a little more sensitive than I am.”

Visibly upset, Vincent ended the conversation by saying, “I can always go back home.” Seen packing a backpack and leaving, Vincent decides to leave their shared apartment for his home in Atlanta.

Do you think Briana and Vincent will get past this?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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