MAFS Atlanta: Briana and Vincent take a major step on the honeymoon

Vincent and Briana were able to work on their connection in more ways than one. Pic credit: Lifetime

While we definitely have drama this season, Briana and Vincent are giving viewers what they want to see on Married at First Sight — love.

The experiment based in Atlanta is proving to be one of the messiest yet, but this couple seems to have it down so far.

They made gains in their relationship during the honeymoon

Although it’s only been a few days of marriage, a lot has happened. Apart from being the confidantes of Paige and Chris, Vincent dealt with the sudden news of his grandmother’s heart attack.

The vulnerability of the situation led them to feel more comfortable together. Briana proved to be the supportive partner he asked the experts for.

Thankfully, his grandmother made a smooth recovery.

Over dinner, the couple reveals the newly built emotional connection led to gains in the physical department as well.

Instead of going out the night before, the couple stayed in and definitely got to know each other better. The trust built over the last few days led to them being the second couple to consummate their marriage.

“Last night was like magic to me,” Vincent told her over their sunset romantic dinner. “I wanted you to be completely comfortable and ready. So, I think what happened last night was a product of what happened earlier here today when I had that scare with my grandmother and you really held me down.”

“He is trying his best to make me feel as if I’m his everything and I definitely feel that,” she gushed to producers. Vincent was touched by how Briana had his back during the stressful period and promised to be there for her in return.

It’s clear fans love Vincent and Briana

Since the premiere, most viewers have supported the match of Briana and Vincent. While she was very particular in how she liked things, Vincent was the patient partner she needed.

Most fans predicted they would only get closer on the honeymoon and they were right.

One obstacle this couple will see is their differences when it comes to kids. While Briana would rather not talk about it yet, Vincent can’t wait to be a dad.

Do you think Briana and Vincent will stay together on Decision Day?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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