MAFS: Amani Randall celebrates big for her birthday– here’s how the MAFS star celebrated her special day

MAFS Amani smiles at Kevin Frazier
MAFS Amani celebrates her big day. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married At First Sight Season 11’s Amani Randall is partying like it’s her birthday–because it actually is.

Amani celebrates her big day with friends and family

The Married At First Sight Season 11 alum, Amani Randall rang in her 31st birthday with her hubby Woody, and a group of her closest friends and family. Amani posted a picture to her Instagram showing her blowing out the candles on her fruit-covered birthday cake.

Amani captioned the photo explaining how she had originally thought she wanted to keep her birthday low-key, just some margaritas and tacos with her favorite guy. But her husband Woody had other plans.

Since Amani’s birthday was on a Tuesday, during a pandemic, and not to mention Hurricane Ida just swept through New Orleans, she was not expecting much. But Woody, true to form, found a way to make sure Amani could still feel celebrated on her special day.

The couple’s favorite taco spot was closed due to the hurricane, so Woody brought the party to Amani. Woody invited over a group of the couple’s close friends and family to celebrate at their home.
Pic credit: @_easyaa/Instagram

Amani thanks her friends and family

Amani went on in the post to thank all the people who had made her birthday so special.

She started with her husband Woody, who she said made her feel “loved and appreciated on my birthday and every day!” Gestures both big and small are what Woody is known for, in fact, his Instagram is basically a tribute to his love for his wife. His gestures are in fact part of why the couple was a fan favorite from Season 11, New Orleans. But as much as MAFS loved them, they loved it right back. The two gushed over their success story and the process that though unusual, worked so well for them.

The couple seems genuinely happy as they celebrate another year together even during the tough time Amani is coining as the “panhurricane.” The unique mix of a pandemic, laced with a hurricane, with just a hint of mid-week birthday thrown in for good measure.

Amani went on in the post to thank her friends and family for showing up to celebrate with her despite the special circumstances it was under.

In the picture Amani sports a very stylish crop top, another aspect the couple is known for, their fashion savvy ways.

Yep, this birthday celebration definitely tracks for the unique duo that is Amani and Woody.

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