MAFS alum Myrla Feria gives her opinion on all the Boston couples after latest episode

MAFS alum Myrla Feria reveals her most and least favorite Boston couple.
Myrla Feria dishes on the Season 14 couples. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight alum Myrla Feria is keeping up with the latest season of the show and she had a lot to say about the newest crop of hopefuls.

While Myrla’s stint on MAFS didn’t end in happily ever after, she certainly knows what it’s like to be a part of the unique marital experiment.

The current season, which is set in Boston, has had its share of drama. One couple has already called it quits and has gone their separate ways.

Following the latest episode, Myrla gave her two cents on the couples and their relationships.

Myrla Feria gets honest about the Season 14 couples

The Married at First Sight star had a lot to say about the couples following the latest episode and her sentiments mirrored that of the viewers.

During a recap for PEOPLE, Myrla opened up Jasmina and Michael and said “Lord, help us. Does anyone else cringe 30 seconds into their conversations or better yet, their disagreements?”

She continued, “I wasn’t surprised to hear that there has been zero intimacy between them. I do agree with and appreciate Jasmina wanting a mental and emotional connection first.”

However, the MAFS alum found it “concerning” that the pair haven’t had any progress after one month of marriage.

One person who Myrla thinks has shown progress is Noi.

“I loved how Noi owned her areas of growth, including what she learned about that experience with Steve and how she will work on communicating better,” said Myrla, who also noted the major hurdle in their relationship.

She noted, “The work situation with Steve is really a crux and I don’t know if it’s something that Steve is willing to budge on.”

Nonetheless, she admitted, “Noi and Steve are currently my favorite couple.”

Myrla Feria reveals her ‘least favorite’ Boston couple

The Married at First Sight continued her assessment of the couples and admitted that she doesn’t believe Olajuwon and Katina’s claim that they’ve never been intimate.

“Katina and Olajuwon just confuse me. I’m not hearing specifics of what the actual issue is in their marriage,” said Myrla, who then chided Olajuwon. “All I hear is ‘cook and clean’ like it’s something he needs in his wife… what he’s doing as a partner for his wife?”

“I think he struggles to articulate his feelings, thoughts, and emotions in a way that is clear and respectful,” she added.

Finally, there’s Lindsey and Mark who Myrla noted as her “least favorite couple.”

“Lindsey has shown that when she is upset, she tends to react and say things that aren’t always nice. Mark responds similarly but does a better job of stepping away,” reasoned Myrla.

She continued, “Trust and respect are two things they can continue to work at, especially when they get into heated disagreements.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.