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MAFS 13 Trailer teases explosive fights, tears, and Decision Day sneak peeks

MAFS Bao Hoang sheds tears
MAFS Season 13’s Bao Hoang looks heartbroken in the season trailer Pic credit: Lifetime

When you match two people, sight unseen to meet on their wedding day, sparks are bound to fly, but it looks like Season 13 is about to really bring the heat. The trailer teased all the fire we have come to expect from MAFS… plus some.

Introducing for the first time, “Hurricane K,” Michaela’s alter ego

Although newlyweds Michaela and Zack Freeman started off with instant chemistry and a clear connection, it seems that things take a real turn for the worse. The trailer starts off with the two cuddled up in bed, having just consummated their marriage, and perhaps being the first Season 13 couple to do so, the rest of the clips show a very different story.

A tense scene shows Michaela accusing Zack of never coming home, and questioning his fidelity.

Following that conversation in a Season 9 Beth Thompson-style blow-up, Michaela is shown almost pushing over a table as she struggles to get away from her new husband while repeatedly yelling “I can’t.”

While Michaela prepared for her wedding day, her sisters joked with her about “Hurricane K” the fiery side of Michaela’s personality that came out when she was mad. Well, in the Season 13 trailer, we certainly got to meet that alter ego in person with Michaela’s two fiery blowups.

In another scene, “Hurricane K” knocks over a wine glass while being held back by her sister, as she yells at production to get out of her room. While we still aren’t sure what caused the explosive fights, we know it can’t be good. This appears to be a disappointing turn for one of the couples we felt was most likely to succeed.

But as we saw with Season 9’s Beth and her husband Jamie Thompson, explosive fights and table flipping do not necessarily mean the end of a marriage.

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Bao and Johnny fly high, and hit a low

Bao and Jonny Lam, the calculated risk-takers, take a huge leap of faith in the Season 13 trailer. Yes, even more than marrying a stranger at first sight. The trailer shows the couple sky diving right out of an airplane.

The two are all smiles as they plummet toward the ground, but could their relationship also be taking a nosedive? Their flying high smiles quickly turn into tears as a scene shows the couple having a tense table discussion where Johnny says “we aren’t compatible.” In the next scene, Bao cries to the camera, saying, “it breaks my heart.”

While this couple has perfect compatibility on paper, as we’ve seen in previous seasons, that doesn’t always translate into the real world. Chemistry and attraction are not always something that can be predicted.

The couple had already discussed a major gap in their Love Languages, the way the two give and receive love. Johny expressed he is very much a physical touch person, while Bao had said that was “rock bottom” of her list. While Love Language differences can be overcome in a relationship, it does take work, more work than some couples are willing to put in.

Or are there other differences we are yet to discover about the couple that could be causing the disagreements and tears? We will just have to wait and see…

Gil gets more love from his dog than Myrla

The trailer reveals Gil saying that he and Myrla are the last couple to have kissed on the show. The scene includes a tense comment when Myrla askes Gil if he kisses his dog, Gil snaps back that “since they haven’t kissed he needs someone to kiss him.”

Myrla looks taken aback but since the couple is at one of their homes with the dog, it would appear that they will go the entire honeymoon without even a kiss. Although Myrla had said she was attracted to Gil,(although she had told the experts she did not like bald men) it would appear that maybe Myrla’s initial spark for Gil might have cooled.

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Although the feeling appears mutual, as the trailer shows Gil telling Myrla he felt she was “high maintenance” and did not appreciate her flair for the dramatic.

While these two were dead last on our list of Most Likely to Succeed and received our lowest number on our Couple’s Rate of Success scale, it’s still always sad to see any MAFS couple go down in flames.

Jose’s “catch of his life” might be looking for other fish in the sea

The new trailer shows Jose hugging his new bride, pre-fishing trip, and telling her she was the “catch of his life.” While the couple were initially all smiles and cuddles, the rest of the trailer shows some intense conversations between them.

Jose’s quest for perfection is well known. He provided the experts with a literal checklist of things he wanted out of a wife and repeatedly said he wanted a “perfect wife” and a “perfect marriage” which anyone who has ever been married or even in a long-term relationship knows, there is no such thing.

That is not a realistic expectation, but Jose repeats to an uncomfortable-looking Rachel in the trailer, that he has certain boxes that need to be checked for him, and if they aren’t well then it simply won’t work.

The trailer then reveals an upset-looking Rachel saying to Jose “I can’t be your wife.” Does she mean the picture-perfect wife Jose has in his mind, or does she mean at all? Only time and Decision Day will tell.

Brett and Ryan’s compatibility comes into question

The start of the trailer looks promising for the country-fried couple. While Ryan’s cowboy ways appeared to give Brett some initial doubts, by the honeymoon it looks like the couple is getting cozy. The trailer reveals Ryan announced at a dinner that Brett means a lot to him and that he feels she truly was the missing piece in his life.

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But a few short scenes later reveals Brett looks tensely at Ryan as she expresses her concerns about him being happy in the relationship and liking her. The two then are pictured sitting on a couch while Brett cries, telling Ryan that if he “doesn’t feel it, he doesn’t feel it.”

The couple had both expressed on their wedding day that they were not each other’s initial type. Neither one had ever dated someone who looked physically like the other. While the two did seem to have some attraction to each other, the phrase “your not my usual type” has often proven the kiss of death for many MAFS couples.

Decision Day looks like a mixed bag

The trailer shows five tense couples sitting on the Decision Day couch. While all couples generally have their ups and downs it is often a surprise who ends up staying together on Decision Day and who does not.

While some couples that seem destined for divorce give it one more shot, other couples who seemed to have almost no problems, decide to call it quits. There’s no underestimating the human factor in this equation, so at this point, the outcomes of Decision Day are anyone’s guess.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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