Madison Stalker on Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Everything you need to know about the second stew

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Second Stew Madison Stalker
Madison Stalker on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht started last week. With the new series, we get to meet new crew members. The second stewardess this season is Madison Stalker. So far, she seems to have a fun and bubbly personality.

Madison is from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. She grew up competing as a competitive figure skater and also played hockey. Later, she attended Michigan State University but didn’t stay in Michigan for very long.

Right after college, she jetted to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Madison decided to join the yachting industry. She has been a stew for three and a half years now. She obviously worked her way up to the second stew.

Madison calls herself the energizer bunny

In her first introduction to the series, Madison admits she is like the energizer bunny. She said she has lots of energy and lives on “coffee and candy.”

Madison shared, “I’m the facilitator of a good time. I’m made for yachting. I’m an energizer bunny. I run on caffeine and candy. Little bit of Sweet Tarts, little bit of coffee, I’m good to go.”

The crew noticed quickly that she had a ton of candy in her bag. Madison replied, “Everything did fit, like, really neatly, and then I obviously had to make room for candy, obviously the most important thing, right? Gotta have sustenance!”

In a special feature on Bravo, Madison admitted the one thing she never travels without. It is a small sombrero that she says she stole from dinner one night. While she didn’t share the full story, it must have a special meaning to her.

Madison may have a romance brewing on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

So far, it seems that Madison is single and prefers to stay that way. However, things can change quickly in yachting! In the show’s preview, it appears that fellow cast member Parker McCown is feeding Madison something. Perhaps a showmance is in the works for the pair!

Unlike many Bravo celebrities, Madison doesn’t share anything too personal on her social media accounts. However, her Instagram bio showcases her many interests.

Her Instagram bio reads: “Fashion. Whiskey. Hockey. Adventuring. Proficient in 3 languages: English, Profanity, and Sarcasm. Professional Stew, Amateur cheese enthusiast.”

Madison certainly seems fun and interesting! It will be exciting to see her storyline unfold.

Watch Below Deck Sailing Yacht every Monday at 9/8c on Bravo.

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