Lyndsey Windham apologizes to Ohio after telling Shanae Ankney to rot 

Lyndsey Windham
Lyndsey Windham fired shots at The Bachelor Season 26 villain Shanae Ankney. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor Season 26 star Lyndsey Windham was one of many women to go toe-to-toe with Shanae Ankney during the explosive Women Tell All. 

Lyndsey didn’t mince words as she hurled insults at Shanae and, while she’s still not a fan of the Shrimpgate villain, Lyndsey did feel the need to issue an apology for one of her comments. 

However, Lyndsey’s apology was not directed towards Shanae but rather towards the state of Ohio. 

Lyndsey Windham issues an apology to Ohio 

Lyndsey Windham had quite a few profane words to say to Shane Ankney, especially considering Lyndsey was one of the women Shanae accused of being a bully. 

One of Lyndsey’s harshest insults during the Women Tell All involved her telling Shanae to rot in Ohio. 

After the show, Lyndsey took to her Instagram stories to address her brutal comment.

Lyndsey shared a tweet that included her quote about Shanae rotting in Ohio. 

She then wrote out an apology writing, “My deepest apologies to the state of Ohio.” 

Still managing to insert some shade into her apology, Lyndsey’s message continued, “I’m sure you’re great besides the snow, rain, and Shanae.” 

It seems clear Lyndsey is still not fond of Shanae, especially considering Shanae refused to apologize for any of her antics at the Women Tell All.

Lyndsey Windham's Instagram story
Pic credit: @lyndsey_windham/Instagram

Lyndsey Windham’s grandfather praises her for cussing at Shanae Ankney 

While not everyone was fond of the catty confrontations during the Women Tell All, Lyndsey did receive some support from her grandpa. 

Lyndsey shared a text from her ‘papaw’ to her Instagram stories, revealing what her grandfather had to say after watching her on the Women Tell All.

Lyndsey’s grandfather’s text read, “Give ‘em hell” and Lyndsey explained, “My grandfather after watching me drop two f bombs within 2 minutes.” 

Lyndsey Windham's Instagram story
Pic credit: @lyndsey_windham/Instagram

Lyndsey Windham confronts Clayton Echard

Lyndsey didn’t only face-off with Shanae during the Women Tell All. She also had some choice words for Clayton. 

When Clayton came out to address all the ladies, Lyndsey expressed disappointment with Clayton for seemingly not taking accountability regarding Shanae. 

The women were adamant that they had warned Clayton about Shanae countless times and yet he continued to keep her on the show. 

Lyndsey pressed Clayton to own his mistakes ‘like a man,’ and Clayton eventually admitted that trusting Shanae was a big mistake and the worst thing he could’ve done. 

However, it seems Clayton makes even larger mistakes when he admits to being intimate with multiple women in his final three. 

Time will tell how Clayton’s actions play out on The Bachelor finale. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.