Jason Tartick calls out Lyndsey Windham for telling Clayton Echard to ‘own it like a man’

Lyndsey Windham
Jason Tartick criticized Lyndsey Windham’s statement toward Clayton Echard. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor Nation alum Jason Tartick came to the defense of Clayton Echard after he was slammed by his contestants on the Women Tell All special.

Jason called out Lyndsey Windham for using a “dumb and dated saying” while confronting Clayton about his relationship with season villain Shanae Ankney.

Jason jumped into the fray when Lyndsey told Clayton to “sit there and own it like a man.”

Jason Tartick called out Lyndsey Windham’s ‘dated’ statement toward The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard

The Bachelorette alum tweeted, “’Own it like a man’ is a dumb and dated saying,” after watching the phrase said on the special.

The Bachelor’s Lyndsey said the phrase in the middle of several women grilling Clayton about continuing to trust Shanae over the entire house.

Jason Tartick Tweet
Pic credit: @Jason_Tartick/Twitter

When Clayton attempted to protest that he’d been waiting for tangible proof from the women, Lyndsey became frustrated and let The Bachelor know that his excuse wasn’t going to fly.

“I told you about Shanae. I know Sierra did. I know Mara did. Like, numerous of us said it,” Lyndsey said. “I wish you would have – you would sit there and own the fact that you had a better connection with Shanae than all of us. And it’s like sit there and own it like a man.”

Jason’s followers appeared to agree with his sentiment in calling out the contestant as over one thousand people liked the message.

Lyndsey Windham apologized for telling The Bachelor’s Clayton Echard to ‘own it like a man’

Lyndsey did later respond to apologize for using the words.

“Looking back, I 100% agree and wish I would have left it at ‘own it,’” Lyndsey wrote on her Instagram story. “We should never associate accountability, or stereotype and personal traits with gender. I’m embarrassed I let my judgment slide in the heat of the moment.”

She also thanked Jason for calling her comment out and apologized to anyone who was offended by her words.

Lyndsey Windham
Pic credit: @lyndsey_windham/Instagram

Jason has not publicly responded to Lyndsey’s words at this time. However, he also appeared to take offense to several of the other women throughout the episode.

He implied in a follow-up tweet that he was not thrilled with comments that the women made about one another’s bodies.

Jason Tartick Tweet
Pic credit: @Jason_Tartick/Twitter

Jason took the opportunity to praise his fiancee Kaitlyn Bristowe and claim that the episode could have gone much more smoothly with her at the helm.

The Bachelor Fantasy Suites date episode airs on Tuesday at 8/7c on ABC.

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1 year ago

No Jason, it wouldn’t have gone any better with Kaitlyn at the helm, she was terrible at the helm!!!
Jesse did much better!!