Luke Valentine returns to social media, and thanks Big Brother fans for support

Luke BB25
Former player Luke Valentine started out as part of the Big Brother Summer 2023 cast. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Former Big Brother 25 houseguest Luke Valentine shared a video to his Instagram Stories this weekend.

The video’s intent appears to be Luke showing folks that he has returned to his regular life following his stint on reality TV.

After about a week of playing Big Brother, Luke was seen using the N-word on the live feeds to the house.

The producers acted quickly, expelling Luke from Big Brother and moving on without him.

A few days after his exit, Luke’s father defended his son publicly.

The game continued within the illustrator, and on the night Luke’s exit was revealed to CBS viewers, Kirsten Elwin got evicted unanimously.

Luke Valentine posts a video on his Instagram page

Luke appears to be out for a run as he talks to his phone in a new Instagram video.

“Hey guys, Just letting ya know, I’m alive, I’ve arrived, and ya gotta keep the flames stoked, until next time,” Luke begins his video.

“We can’t burn out, no, no, no, the fires of love will continue to burn, baby,” Luke continues as he almost breaks into song.

The former Big Brother player then steps away from the humor and takes the time to thank the people who have supported him this past week.

“Thank you for all the memes, thank you for all the support – all the kind words, and now we’re just waiting on Duke,” Luke finishes.

Luke referencing “Duke” is his way of mentioning the possible twin twist some Big Brother fans felt was coming this season.

Luke didn’t directly speak about the controversy he created on the Big Brother live feeds, but he did insinuate that he is back to enjoying life in the real world.

Luke Instagram
Luke Valentine drops an Instagram video. Pic credit: @RealBBLuke/Instagram

A message from Luke to his twin

“Avenge me, Duke,” reads an Instagram post from Luke.

In the image, Luke (with glasses) is shown sitting next to his twin Duke (with sunglasses) after a possible twin twist gets revealed on Big Brother 25.

The twin twist was something many fans had been convinced was coming – similar to how some Big Brother fans felt an 18th houseguest was about to be announced.

More news from Big Brother 25

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alice lambert
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please do what is right.