Luke Valentine’s father says his Big Brother son isn’t racist

Luke from Big Brother 25
Luke Valentine appeared on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 25 cast member Luke Valentine was kicked off the show this week.

Producers felt he violated the code of conduct for the show, and Luke was expelled.

The August 10 episode referenced his expulsion and showed footage from the Big Brother live feeds where Luke said the N-word.

Some Big Brother fans also wanted Kirsten Elwin removed for the same reason, but she got evicted as Week 1 ended.

The game has gone on without them, and there is even a Week 2 Head of Household already.

Now Luke’s father wants to set the record straight about his son.

Luke Valentine’s father speaks out

A report by TMZ states that James Valentine stepped up to defend his son.

James reportedly said that Luke is “absolutely not a racist” and “was not raised in a racist family.”

James also said that Luke has many family members who are Black. That includes his stepmother and step-siblings, as well as biracial cousins.

Luke’s stepmother was reportedly disappointed that he used the N-word on Big Brother, but she still feels Luke is a “good kid.”

As for what Luke said in the house, James agreed it was wrong to say the word, but he doesn’t believe his son was acting racist when using the slur.

More people weighing in on Luke’s words

Actor and comedian Tony Rock (the younger brother of Chris Rock) also spoke to TMZ about what Luke said.

In the clip below, Tony speaks about how quickly the apology and correction came.

Tiffany Mitchell from Big Brother 23 and Big Brother 22 winner Cody Calafiore addressed the topic of Luke in a new episode of The Winner’s Circle.

After the 37-minute mark of the video, the Big Bother alums get into their discussion about Luke getting kicked out.

Tiffany breaks down when the word was said on the Big Brother live feeds. She also notes how casually he used the word “comfortably” on a television show.

Tiffany also talks about his lack of accountability at the moment.

Big Brother 25 rolls on

New episodes of Big Brother air Sunday at 8/7c, Wednesday at 8/7c, and Thursday at 9/8c this summer.

Big Brother 25 is available for streaming on Paramount+ for fans to catch up on previously aired content,

A new season of The Challenge: USA is also available on Paramount+.

The Challenge: USA 2 features nine Big Brother alums, and the series recently aired its season premiere.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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Laura Nix
Laura Nix
10 months ago

Kaitlyn Herman used the same word. Let’s expel her too!! Should not be two sets of rules.