Some Big Brother fans want Kirsten evicted for use of the N-word

Kirsten BB25 Photo
Kirsten Elwin was evicted in Week 1 of Big Brother 25. Pic credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Brother code of conduct has become an important topic this week.

Big Brother fans watching the live feeds saw Luke Valentine use the N-word on camera.

Two houseguests in the room with him (Hisam Goueli and Cory Wurtenberger) immediately knew Luke had messed up.

And in the morning, Luke was expelled from the Big Brother house.

The action by producers was quick and distinct, making this the first time someone has been removed from the show for using a racial slur.

But some Big Brother fans called it a double standard after another houseguest was also seen saying the N-word.

Kirsten Elwin says the N-word on Big Brother live feeds

Jared Fields and Kirsten Elwin were chatting in the bathroom this past weekend.

Midway through their discussion, Kirsten said the N-word, and the mics picked it up on the live feeds.

Kirsten tried to quickly edit what she had said with the help of Jared, but many fans saw it take place.

Below are video clips from when Luke said the N-word early Wednesday (August 9) and when Kirsten said it on Sunday (August 6).

Some Big Brother fans are asking for Kirsten’s expulsion

Some Big Brother fans have posted on social media that they feel a double standard is being used. The feeling is that because Luke was punished, Kirsten should also be punished for saying the same word.

“Regarding the Luke situation, Kirsten unfortunately should also be expelled, and it’s unfair to not hold her accountable,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another Twitter user tagged CBS and the Big Brother executive producer while asking for Kirsten to be removed.

Below is a comment chain from several additional Big Brother viewers claiming a double standard.

Comments On BB25 Kirsten
More comments about Kirsten on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: @JudithCShields/Twitter

Many Big Brother fans are also supportive of Kirsten

It should be noted that many Big Brother fans are also showing their support for Kirsten. And they are upset at Reilly Smedley for targeting her in Week 1.

Some Kirsten fans hope she will win the Head of Household in Week 2 and take power in the house.

As for her use of the N-word, Kirsten’s supporters also have thoughts on that.

Important episodes coming on Big Brother 25

A new episode of Big Brother 25 is on Thursday night. It will address Luke’s expulsion from the show. It will also answer additional questions about what the show will do next.

A free option to watch the live feeds is available this summer, and a subscription to Paramount+ is not needed.

Big Brother 25 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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10 months ago

So The GIRL is not gone! So why NOT. This is how your show gets kicked off the air. If you are white you are gone. If you are BLACK you stay. JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE BOTH BLACK NO. AND THIS SHOW IS NOT RACIST. I THINK SO

Geri Martin
Geri Martin
10 months ago

They both said the same word they both signed the same contract. Both should get the same punishment. Period.

shirley beale
shirley beale
10 months ago

enough with the double standard . luke got expelled for using the n word and so should kirstin and hold her accountable . i will quit watching if something isnt done . it is wrong to keep her and let her get away with it

10 months ago

Double standards, not right!!!

10 months ago

Either it’s a bad word, or it isn’t. You can’t kick white people from the game for saying it, even in a non-aggressive and not hateful way, but black people are not.