Big Brother 25 spoilers: Who is the new HOH?

Emmy Julie Chen Moonves
A winter season likely brings back host Julie Chen Moonves. Pic credit: ©ImageCollect.com/Carrie-nelson

Big Brother 25 spoilers now reveal the new Head of Household.

The information comes from the live feeds in the overnight hours.

Late Thursday night, the BB25 cast played in an intriguing HOH Competition.

Just 15 people remained in the running for the $750,000 after the chaos of Week 1.

Luke Valentine was expelled from the game for violating the code of conduct, but host Julie Chen Moonves still hosted an Eviction Ceremony.

And Kirsten Elwin was evicted through a unanimous vote during the August 10 episode.

The final 15 head into Week 2

Reilly Smedley had to watch while 14 other houseguests played in the HOH Competition.

Viewers didn’t even get a tease of what was happening, as the episode ended with the BB25 cast vanishing.

All that was shown was a portal closing in the backyard, meaning viewers must wait until the next episode (August 13) to see what happened.

But the live feeds have provided some spoilers.

Who is the new Big Brother 25 HOH?

The live feeds didn’t come back on until nearly 1 a.m. PT. That was roughly six hours after the East Coast saw the August 10 episode.

The houseguests were shown milling around for a bit until Hisam was called to the Diary Room.

It was then that Cirie began chatting with Izzy about the challenge. And they confirmed that Hisam Goueli had just become Head of Household.

Hisam is aligned with Cirie, Felicia, Izzy, Bowie Jane, and Mecole (the Bye Bye B*tches alliance). Combined with Red and Jared, the eight-person group is called The Professors.

That group of eight people is likely safe from going on the block when Hisam makes his nominations later this week.

Details about what happened during the HOH Competition will get discussed on the live feeds as August 11 plays out.

People from The Handful Alliance (and Family Style) are at risk as Hisam prepares his nominees. He will likely target a combination of Cameron, Reilly, Cory, Jag, Matt, Blue, and America.

The Week 2 Nomination Ceremony will take place on Friday (August 11) unless a twist shifts how nominees work this time.

Then six people will play in the Week 2 Veto Competition this weekend.

Hisam has now won three early challenges, making him a clear threat to become the Big Brother 25 winner. The rest of the house will be watching him very closely.

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