LPBW’s Amy Roloff was worried the show might affect her relationship with Chris Marek

Chris Marek and Amy Roloff of LPBW
Amy Roloff feared that being on LPBW might impact her relationship with Chris Marek.

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff feared that her fame on the show might affect her relationship with Chris Marek.

Amy and Chris made it to the altar, but Amy once worried that her fame on the show might affect her relationship with Chris.

Talking recently with Us Weekly, Amy divulged the apprehensions she had and how she felt when she first met Chris while filming for LPBW.

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Amy shared that she and her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, originally started filming LPBW to “expose people to a different family.”

LPBW was the first show of its kind, focusing on the Roloffs’ unique family dynamic of both little and average-sized family members.

LPBW’s Amy Roloff admits to ‘panicking’ over dating Chris Marek

When Chris came into Amy’s life after her divorce from Matt, she admittedly was apprehensive about her fame from the show.

“I was really panicked about him. I’m like, ‘Who in the heaven is going to date me, being on this crazy show?'” Amy told Us Weekly.

Amy continued to express the anxiousness she felt, “Or he could have absolutely said, ‘Hey, I want to date you. I want to get to know you but I’m not going to be on this crazy show of yours.'”

Amy found that the “benefits really have outweighed [everything] more than the negativity,” but did mention that filming for LPBW has “impacted” her family in many ways.

One impactful moment on LPBW was Amy and Matt’s very public divorce playing out on the show.

The impact of Amy and Matt Roloff’s divorce on LPBW

Although not what she would have hoped for, or foreseen, Amy now embraces the fact that her divorce from Matt was filmed for the show because it’s a part of who she is.

“It’s not a fun part of life, but I tried to limit that exposure as much as possible or as best I could because we’re doing a reality show, but I don’t think people need to know every little, personal intimate detail either,” Amy shared.

She continued, “You have to own it. You have to keep some of it to yourself. And to me, it was for the sake of the kids that we just [didn’t] plaster this all over the place either.”

Amy also admitted that “divorce is hard, especially this late in my life,” but despite how hard it was to go through and watch it air on TV, Amy doesn’t necessarily regret all of it because of what her struggles have hopefully offered viewers.

“I think there will always be moments of regrets, you know, here and there. I think when friends and other people become involved, or [are] willing to become involved, I think I go [into] ultra-careful mode and I sometimes forget this is TV,” Amy said.

The 57-year-old LPBW star added, “I think there will always be regrets, but I think there’s a huge amount of benefits [and] opportunity.”

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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