LPBW fans question why the Roloffs continue filming after Jacob’s molestation claims

Matt, Jacob and Amy Roloff of LPBW
Fans of LPBW questioned the Roloffs continuing to film after Jacob’s claims he was molested by a TLC producer. Pic credit: TLC and @jacobroloff45/Instagram

The Roloffs have been filming their successful series Little People, Big World for 22 seasons now, but some fans are questioning their decision to continue on the show after Jacob Roloff alleged molestation at the hands of a producer.

Jacob, 24, is the youngest child of Matt and Amy Roloff and filmed alongside his family until 2016 when he left the show.

At the time, the former LPBW star slammed TLC and their production crew in an Instagram post, claiming the producers pushed hard for his family to “follow the talking points” in their “loosely drawn up” storylines.

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Then, four years later in December 2020, Jacob made a shocking announcement claiming that he had been molested by an executive producer at TLC named Chris Cardamone.

Little People, Big World fans ask why Roloff family continues to film

Fans of the show recently took to Reddit to debate the Roloffs’ decision to continue filming, even after Jacob’s allegations.

One shared a post, asking “How can these people continue on with the show after what [allegedly] happened to their son?”

“What possible amount of money could ever make it ok to continue?” they added, “I just don’t get it.”

Several users speculated that the Roloffs based their decision off money.

“They seem to only be focused on $$ at times,” one wrote. Another agreed, but was more sympathetic with the family’s decision to carry on filming.

“Shutting down the show…that’s like a business completely shutting down because one of their employees killed someone.”

Fans thought Matt Roloff ‘minimized’ allegations

This isn’t the first time the Roloffs have been questioned by fans regarding Jacob’s allegations

Matt faced criticism earlier this year after fans thought he “minimized” Jacob’s molestations allegations in comments he made during a podcast episode earlier this year when he spoke with First Class Fatherhood host Alec Lace.

The LPBW patriarch recently got put on blast again when fans of the show felt he may have offered Amy the farm for her wedding as a form of free publicity.

There’s still plenty more drama in the Roloff family to catch up with this season with a new episode airing tonight.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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